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Presenting the most advanced bathing systems on the market today.

At Apollo, we’re constantly pushing the envelope to develop the best, most user-friendly bathing systems possible, and our current line of tubs reflect that passion for quality.  Apollo bathing systems not only offer your facility the best return on investment of any brand on the market, our ability to create a safer and more comfortable bathing environment will delight your caregivers, residents and their families, too.

Advantage™ Seated Bathing Systems

Apollo’s Advantage™ seated bathing systems provide an unparalleled bathing experience for your residents as well as an extremely user-friendly experience for the caregiver. The Advantage line’s industry-leading quality, features, and options make them the most versatile and reliable bathing systems available today. We offer two Advantage models:

Advantage™ 6000: Our Premier Bathing System

Designed to provide the safest, cleanest, and most dignified bathing experience for residents, the Advantage 6000 also provides an unrivaled experience for caregivers too. The 6000 model comes standard equipped with our Rapid Fill™ Reservoir, which makes bathing quick (it fills the tub in 90 seconds). Advantage 6000 is our premier bathing system. Learn more.

Advantage™ 6300 Seated

Ideal for assisted living or long term care, the Advantage 6300 air spa with lock-in chair provides economical bathing in an attractive package. In addition to air spa, the Advantage 6300 is available as a whirlpool, and can be upgraded with numerous features to meet your needs. Advantage™ 6300 is a fully customizable tub, ready to be built according to your requirements. Learn more.

The Essence™ Spa: Side-Entry Bathing System

Drawing from over thirty years in the industry, our Essence Side-Entry Bathing Spa is the most advanced commercial bathing system on the market today. The Essence Spa provides a safe, secure, and stylish bathing experience for your residents and an outstanding return on investment for your facility. Learn more about the Essence Side-Entry.

With bathing systems that meet most every need and fit in almost any space, you’re sure to find the right bathing solution for your facility at Apollo. Please contact us for more information or to order your system today.