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Advantage™ 6000:
Seated bathing with Rapid Fill™ Reservoir.

Advantage™ 6000:
Seated bathing with Rapid Fill™ Reservoir.

See how one additional feature makes a world of difference.

Put simply: the Advantage™ 6000 comes standard with all the great features, benefits, and options that make the Advantage™ 6300 so great. There’s just one standard feature that separates this tub from the rest of the pack.

The Rapid Fill™ Reservoir.

It may seem like a small difference, but the Rapid Fill Reservoir adds a host of benefits to your residents, caregivers, and facility.

Time savings: fill your tub in less than two minutes.

Filling a typical, non-reservoir tub can take anywhere from 5-10 minutes. If your facility has low water pressure or you need to provide a lot of baths in a short period of time, a slow fill rate can add hours onto your day. Because the Advantage™ 6000 automatically reloads during baths and then fills a bath completely in under two minutes, you don’t have to wait around anymore. The Advantage™ 6000 helps you bath more residents in less time.

Comfort level for residents.

The Advantage™ 6000 prioritizes resident comfort. If any of the following sound familiar to you, the Rapid Fill Reservoir would be a great addition to your facility:

  • You have residents who get the chills. Residents don’t have to sit in the open air for long with Advantage™ 6000. Because it fills in less than two minutes, comfort levels are increased and “the chills” are reduced.
  • You have residents with dementia. Sometimes, dementia residents get agitated or frightened by the sight and sound of splashing water. Advantage™ 6000’s reservoir has an adjustable flow valve you can use to moderate the flow of water in these cases.
  • You have residents with incontinence. With Advantage™ 6000, cleaning up incontinence takes less time. Unlike other tubs that need to drain, be cleaned, disinfected for 10 minutes, and then refilled. The more residents you have with incontinence, the more you need the reservoir on Advantage™ 6000.

Convenience and ease of use

Unlike some reservoirs on the market, our Rapid Fill Reservoir does not interfere with the manual filling capabilities of your tub. If you don’t want to use the reservoir, you don’t have to. Additionally, if you need to raise water levels after the reservoir has drained, you can do so manually or use the reservoir and manual fill simultaneously to fill the tub more quickly. Another plus? Unlike other bathing systems, which are fully non-operational if the reservoir malfunctions, your Advantage™ 6000 can still be used if your reservoir ever needs maintenance.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Advantage™ 6000, please look over the available configurations and options below or contact us directly for more information.

Available Configurations:

Advantage 6000’s unique modular design ensures it fits into most any space while our available configurations make it possible to completely customize the unit for your specific needs. The following configurations are available

Air Spa

Twelve evenly distributed air outlets provide the most even and complete cleaning action of any air spa on the market. Automatic cleaning and disinfecting system allows the complete cleaning/disinfecting of all air lines.


Four strategically positioned jets provide the true hydro massage that only whirlpools can offer. Especially beneficial for residents with circulatory issues. Add Apollo's Remedy® water purification system for increase infection control benefits.

Space Saver

Offers all the outstanding features of our Advantage 6000 model in a shorter, more space efficient size.

Panel styles and colors.

Designed to create the atmosphere of a luxury spa, the Advantage™ 6000 is available in several colors and styles to give your bathing area an upscale look.