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Apollo Advantage™ 6300:
Seated bathing customized to fit your facility.

Our Advantage™ 6300 is a seated bathing system that is just waiting to be customized. Its modular design enables the system to fit into a wide array of spaces while its available options allow you to customize this tub to accommodate your needs entirely.

At its core, Advantage™ 6300 is a top-of-the-line system that provides two things: resident comfort and caregiver ease of use. Compared to traditional bathing methods, this innovative system improves the bathing experience and health of residents while simultaneously providing clinical and financial benefits for care facilities:

Safe, secure, and comfortable.

Advantage™ 6300 has a front entry and exit with the industry’s most user friendly and fail-safe door. Bathers enter the tub in a comfortable and secure chair, gliding into place without the disruption or danger of traditional lifts. The whirlpool provides a gentle, massaging motion that soothes and nurtures skin, and the thermometer monitors water temperature to ensure a safer bath.

Improved quality of care.

Caregivers will enjoy the Advantage™ 6300 because it’s easy to use. The system’s ergonomic design reduces bending and back strain by providing a comfortable place for caregivers to lean for support while giving baths. The chair moves easily to allow access to all areas of the body and glides in and out of the bathing system (avoiding the danger of overhead lifts). All these features reduce the likelihood of injury to both caregiver and resident.

Improved skin integrity.

As you know, skin care is vital to a resident’s health and well-being. For this reason, we’ve included an integrated dispensing system as part of this model. The dispensing system adds Apollo’s high quality shampoo and body oil in metered amounts to ensure that just the right quantity is used to keep skin hydrated, pliable, and healthy.

Easy operation, cleaning, and maintenance.

The 6300 is easy to clean and maintain. It comes standard with a cleaning system that automatically flushes and disinfects the internal piping, so there’s no need to mix and pour hazardous chemicals. In addition, Advantage™ 6300 has side panels that can easily be removed for access to the entire unit for routine maintenance. The system contains no electronic controls (which can fail in humid conditions) and parts are easy to obtain, allowing on-site maintenance personnel to make most repairs. And if you need our help? We’re ready: call us when you need us.

Available Configurations:

Advantage™ 6300’s unique modular design ensures it fits into most any space while our available configurations make it possible to completely customize the unit for your specific needs. The following configurations are available

Air Spa

Twelve evenly distributed air outlets provide the most even and complete cleaning action of any air spa on the market. Automatic cleaning and disinfecting system allows the complete cleaning/disinfecting of all air lines.


Four strategically positioned jets provide the true hydrotherapy that only whirlpools can offer. Especially beneficial for residents with circulatory issues. Add Apollo's Remedy® water purification system for increase infection control benefits.

Space Saver

Offers all the outstanding features of our Advantage™ 6300 model in a shorter, more space efficient size.

Panel styles and colors.

Designed to create the atmosphere of a luxury spa, the Advantage™ 6300 is available in several colors and styles to give your bathing area an upscale look.