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Options available for your Seated Bathing Systems.

If you’re looking for the safest and most efficient bathing experience for your patients and staff, look no further. The modular design of the Advantage™ tub means that our tubs adjust to fit you: you can add options or pick a different configuration based on your resident population, budget, and number of baths given daily. It’s really up to you.

The options below, when added to your Advantage Seated Bathing System, can reduce infection, reduce your liability by preventing injuries, and make the overall process of bathing quick and easy.

The options below are available for Advantage Seated Bathing Systems and can be retro-fit to your current Apollo Seated Bathing Tubs:

Level Glide™ Transfer System

Forget dangerous lifts and reduce the chances of injury to residents and caregivers. Our Level Glide™ Transfer System makes transporting residents easy. Find out more about the Level Glide Transfer System.

Digital Scale

Take accurate weight readings at bath time and reduce unnecessary transfers. Learn more about our Digital Scale.

Rapid Fill Reservoir

Low water pressure? Lots of baths? Imagine a tub that refills in 90 seconds. Learn how a rapid fill reservoir can help you.

Remedy® Ultraviolet Water Purifier

Studies have shown that Remedy’s patented ultraviolet light technology reduces bacteria levels in the whirlpool by 90%. Remedy has reduced infections in facilities just like yours, learn more.

At Apollo, we strive to provide the best bathing solutions for your care facility: with our Advantage tubs, it’s all about personalization. To figure out which options and configuration would be best for your individual situation, please contact us.