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ABC Nightline Video: Virtual Dementia Tour

March 04, 2015 | Category: Industry News | Tags: Dementia Tour, Virtual Dementia Tour | Permalink

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The Virtual Dementia Tour was featured on ABCs Nightline in July 2010. View the Nightline video above to watch Primetime's Cynthia McFadden participate in the tour, along with Blane Wilson, whose mother Lawanda is fighting an ongoing battle with Alzheimer's. After the tour, both expressed similar reactions and emotions, and Cynthia shared that she found the experience "very humbling."  

Similar to the tour Cynthia and Blane participated in, several Apollo team members took part in a Virtual Dementia Tour at the 2014 Leading Age show.  The experience was eye-opening and offered insight beneficial to anyone working or interacting with those who suffer from dementia.  See the article about the Apollo team's experience by clicking here.  To view ABC Nightline's Virtual Dementia Tour video and watch Cynthia and Blane's experience, click the image above....

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An Impactful “Dementia Experience”

March 03, 2015 | Category: Apollo News, Bathing, Industry News | Tags: Bathing System, Air Spa, Whirlpool, Dementia Experience, Virtual Tour, LeadingAge, Industry News | Permalink

At the 2014 National LeadingAge Convention, attendees could participate in a “Virtual Dementia Tour®” provided by Second Wind Dreams®, where one could experience, to a certain extent, the challenges people with dementia face in their daily lives.  A group of Apollo staff jumped into participating, to gain better insight on what the “dementia experience” is like, from a first-hand perspective. 

Prior to entering the experience area, participants donned glasses that simulated macular degeneration and reduced peripheral visions (studies have linked vision impairment as a contributing factor to dementia onset), put on thick gloves to simulate reduced touch sensory perception and hand dexterity, had inserts put into their shoes that poked the soles of the feet, creating a prickly sensation similar to neuropathy symptoms, and put on headphones that emanated a barrage of loud, distracting background noise.  The sounds were...

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