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Info for Architects

Benefits of working with Apollo:

Many architects and design firms prefer to work with Apollo for one simple reason; we work hard to ensure they have everything they need to get the job done right.  By working closely with design firms and architects from concept through construction, we can help to ensure maximum efficiency and a positive working experience throughout the entire project.

  • Apollo CAD drawings are now available.
  • You'll find all our bathing systems in .dwg, .dfx, and .pdf formats.
  • Easy access to product specs for architects, plumbers, electricians, developers and project managers.
  • Comprehensive collection of online support tools.

Room Measuring Instructions

Ensure the bathing system you are considering will work in the proposed space by taking a few minutes to measure and diagram the room.  We will look everything over for you and contact you if we see any potential challenges.

  1. Save and print our Measuring Template.
  2. Take thorough measurements and notes about the room and cover all the items on the checklist page.
  3. Fully complete the template. (see our example template for suggestions.)
  4. Email or Fax your completed template to Apollo at (715) 247-3424.

Room Drawing Documentation