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Perine™ No-Rinse Foaming Cleanser

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Product Description

A sub-surface bio-deodorant and mild skin cleanser, Perine’s no rinse formula is not only perfect for cleansing soiled skin but also for daily hygiene, perineal cleansing and bedside bathing. It contains no harsh soaps, dyes or chemicals. It lubricates, moisturizes and conditions dry, flaky skin, even those with sensitive skin.


  • Lubricates skin, leaving it feeling fresh, smooth and clean
  • Long-lasting, talc-like feel after use
  • Economical (less than a penny per use)

Bathing and Showers
• Bedside bathing
• Cleansing soiled skin
• Incontinent clean up
• Cleansing in skin folds

Odor Control
• Bowel movements
• Urine
• Emesis

Other Uses
• Daily hygiene program
• Eliminates odors on linens, carpet and other surfaces


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