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Remedy® UV Infection Protection stops bacteria dead in the water.

Bacteria levels in bathwater can’t be controlled simply through quaternary disinfection or the design of the tub you choose, regardless of whether it’s an air spa, sonic or whirlpool system. Likewise, even the most rigorous or failsafe between-bath disinfection regimen can’t account for bacteria in your facility’s water pipes or bacteria that wash off residents during the bath.

Only Apollo bathing systems equipped with the Remedy® Ultraviolet Light Water Purification System can provide protection for your residents from the very real risk of self-infection during the bath. Operating simply and automatically, the Remedy goes to work killing harmful water-born pathogens as soon as the whirlpool motor is turned on.  As bacteria wash off the resident’s body they are circulated past two powerful ultraviolet lights that destroy their DNA and render them incapable of causing infections.

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