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Ultraviolet (UV):
the best way to keep bathwater safe, clean, and chemical free.

Even when a bathing system is cleaned and disinfected between baths, bacteria levels during the bath increase up to 500,000%. Unfortunately, this bacteria is commonly responsible for resident infections. At Apollo, we thought that if there was something we could do to prevent residents from getting sick from their own bath water, we should.

So, we developed Remedy® UV water purification system.

Remedy® is a patented, FDA approved method of killing microorganisms during the bath (Remedy® reduces bacteria levels in the bath water during the bath by up to 90%). But that’s just the start. There are several other benefits of having a UV system in your tub:

Improved resident care

  • 50% reduction in urinary tract.
  • 35% reduction in respiratory infections.
  • Reduces bacteria levels in source water, including Legionella.
  • A skin-friendly alternative to chlorine, bromine, or Ozone.

Infection control

  • Using Remedy® can dramatically decrease the occurrence of infections in residents.
  • Unlike chemical disinfectants, germicidal UVC is effective against all harmful pathogens.
  • UVC can destroy up to 99.99% of all bacteria, viruses, molds, algae and other microorganisms in the water supply.
  • UVC effectively kills harmful pathogens that may be resistant to antibiotics, such as MRSA
  • UVC has been proven to kill germs that cause influenza, strep throat, colds staph infections and tuberculosis.

Cost and time savings.

  • Fewer infections means less time invested in treatment, documentation, hospitalization and other activities that take attention away from resident care.
  • On average, one urinary tract infection can take twenty-five hours to chart, treat and track.  If even just one UTI is prevented by the Remedy® system per month it adds up to 300 staff hours saved per year.
  • Time savings in the first year alone can more than pay for the initial investment in our powerful UV disinfection system.
  • Hundreds of gallons of water can be purified for much less than other means of bathing water disinfection.

Chemical-free means eco- and staff-friendly.

  • When used to bathe general resident populations, the Remedy® system only requires disinfection at the end of the bath day.  This greatly reduces the amount of harmful quaternary disinfectants used.  
  • Ultraviolet disinfection eliminates the need to use costly and environmentally unfriendly chemicals such as chlorine, bromine and Ozone.

Learn how your facility can benefit from UV

If you’re interested in a UV system for your Apollo bathing system, contact us.