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Skin Care

Apollo skin care products are formulated for use throughout the day, from bedside to bathing and everything in-between.  With more than 25 years of experience developing skin care products, Apollo offers a significant clinical advantage to any skin care program or regimen.  These products protect and prevent against damage to  susceptible skin, and restore skin integrity from even the most challenging conditions.


Hygena™ Shampoo and Body Washes

Apollo’s line of Hygena™ products are gentle, odor-eliminating, clean-rising body washes for shampooing and bathing.  By rinsing completely, they minimize the chance of skin irritation and soap dermatitis. 

Therasol™ Natural Bath Oil and Skin Conditioning Wet Skin Moisturizer

Therasol effectively moisturizes skin during the bath and provides an after-bath warmth by absorbing into the skin.  This natural bath oil/skin conditioner disperses completely in bathwater to moisturize the entire body, and can be applied to wet skin after the bath to condition and moisturize skin.  Great for daily use to keep skin moist and healthy.  Helps to reduce the effects of dry, itchy scalp, scaly skin on the ankles, knees and elbows, and powdery dry skin.  Excellent for a wide variety of uses including foot soaks, shaving legs, and more.

Thera 10™ Intense Moisturizing Cream and
Thera 5™ Moisturizing Lotion

Both Thera10 and Thera 5 moisturizers contain urea and lactic acid, to ensure that the moisturizing benefits are long-lasting and effectively address dry skin issues,replenishing the skin’s natural moisturizers.  Non-greasy formulas with appealing scents.

Apollo Cream™ Conditioning Barrier Cream

Apollo Cream soothes and promotes healing of red, sore, irritated skin.  Vitamins A and D help relieve irritated skin, while bees wax provides a protective barrier against further irritation. 

Perine™ No-Rinse Foaming Cleanser

Perine is a rinse-free skin cleanser with a light cherry-almond fragrance.  Eliminates embedded odors and conditions skin, leaving it feeling smooth and satiny.  Use in conjunction with Apollo Cream for superior incontinence care.