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Protect yourself from infection and disease during waste or fluid disposal.

Splashing caused by waste disposal is just plain gross, not to mention being a huge risk for infection. Apollo’s patented splash guard, The Shield™, is the most effective, efficient, and economical product on the market to protect yourself from pathogens, bacteria, and germs during the disposal process.

About The Shield™ 

The Shield™ Splash Guard simply affixes to standard or wide-base hopper sink rims to protect your face and body from splashing caused by waste being poured down the drain. Made of ULTROS™, a flexible material similar to plexiglass, the splash guard flexes for staff comfort and is totally transparent for the most visibility. The Shield is extremely sturdy and should withstand years of rigorous use.

Assembly and maintenance

The Shield is extremely easy to set up and maintain.

  • Assembles in minutes with basic tools.
  • Wipes clean in seconds with any non-abrasive cleaner. We recommend Apollo’s Turbo Clean.
  • Is disinfected with any hospital-grade disinfectant. We recommend Apollo’s Cid-A-L.
  • Comes in two sizes: standard (fits sink rims 1.5 to 2.25 inches) and wide (fits sink rims 2.25 to 3.6 inches)

Get The Shield™ for your facility.

Protecting your caretakers and residents starts with reducing the transmission of bacteria. With The Shield™, this job becomes a little easier. Contact Apollo to order your Shield™ Splash Guard today.