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UTI Reductions through Bathing

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What if your bathing system could actually help reduce the infection rates among your resident population?  What sort of impact would that have on your residents, staff, census and bottom line?  When you analyze the numbers, you may be surprised.

For over fifteen years Apollo has been promoting our patented Remedy® Ultraviolet Light Water Purification System.  I have played a part in that for over thirteen years, and believe that this system is the single most significant infection control advancement ever in healthcare bathing.


In short, the Remedy® System is an FDA-approved infection control device that incorporates proven UV technology.  Some of the benefits this system provides include nosocomial infection reductions among residents of up to 50% and a minimized need to chemically disinfect between baths.  These benefits were proven through independent studies and actual nursing homes participating in lengthy bathing studies.  We receive testimonials like this one from our customers that continue to verify our initial findings:

Thanks so much for setting up the Apollo Tub for us and giving our staff the in-service on the function and disinfecting of the tub. This tub has been extremely beneficial to our staff and residents and helped us with improving our Quality outcomes in several clinical areas. One area of note is specifically our Infection Control program. Prior to the installation of the tub we were running about 15 Urinary Tract Infections per month. In the last two months since the tub was delivered and set up we have been averaging about 7-8 UTI’s per month, and the majority of these are chronic UTI’s caused by urinary retention.  I want to express our gratitude for your contribution to the success or our Infection Control Program”.

Obviously, the Apollo bathing system was the missing link to their infection control program.  This is just one of many success stories we have heard over the years from facilities who bathe with Apollo bathing systems equipped with the Remedy® System.  They are finding out that high levels of UTIs don’t have to be the norm, and that serious infection control gains can be made in a very unlikely place – the bathing area.

If you would like to discuss in more detail the positive financial benefits of Apollo systems with the Remedy® System, please feel free to e-mail me at danderson@apollobath.com.    

David F. Anderson
National Sales Manager