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We design bathing experiences to revolutionize safety, accessibility, and comfort, offering state-of-the-art bathtub solutions that blend functionality with luxury.

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made in america

Made in America

Our walk-in tubs are proudly crafted in Wisconsin

financing available

Financing Available

Special financing is available on all of our walk-in tubs

quality guarantee

Quality Guarantee

We provide extensive quality audits prior to tub shipment

Easy to use, transfer, and clean

Everyone wants to give elders respect and a comfort zone so they can enjoy older life without effort. If you’re a house owner, have a mobility issue during bathing, or are worried about a beloved elder. In that case, install a bathtub that helps seniors for their comfort and ease. 

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Advantage™ Bathing System

The Advantage™ Spa is a modular, comprehensive care system that provides resident comfort and caregiver ease of use.  You will improve residents’ bathing experience and health.

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REGEN™ - Walk-in Spa Bathing System

We designed our REGEN to give every resident a royalty bathing experience. Medical Grade Gel Coated fiberglass for long-lasting – lifetime warranty • Bacteria resistant, easy to clean

WALK-IN tubs Senior Caretakers love and Residents of Senior Care Facilities request.

Built with features that save caretaker time and increase bathing satisfaction.  Our walk-in tubs have all the latest features and technology, plus innovative options to make the bathing experience special.  We aim to enhance the senior experience for all!  It only takes one staff member.

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Click Above and Check Out Apollo's Latest Innovation...REGEN

Regenerate a Room, a Body, and Skin with an Apollo Bath.

Get style and comfort with our walk-in tubs Designed for Increasing the elder Experience.

Taking a bath should be rejuvenating and stress-free. Apollo Bath believes in providing tubs for the elderly that are both stylish and comfortable. You can even turn it into a spa with hydrotherapy and let go of all your aches and worries. A bath with Apollo bathtubs should be special. So let your body soak all the goodness of essential oils, bath oils like Therasol, and pH-balanced body wash like Hygena. It is time to upgrade the hygiene process. Apollo Bath is here to improve Senior Living.

What Our Customers Say

Kent Blake
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The Apollo tub with remedy UV infection control systems has helped our facility to reduce infections since we installed the tub 8 years ago. Recently our rate of infections started to rise. After we consulted with our Apollo rep, Doug Jones, he recommended only using the Apollo skin care and cleaning solutions. We, for a period of time, had gotten away from using only Apollo products. We stopped using the various bath and body products that resident families brought in, and went to strictly using the Apollo products. We are happy to report that our rate of infections has come back down. We would highly recommend the Apollo Bathing System with Remedy UV systems and Apollo Solutions for any nursing facility.
Paula Turner RN, DON
Director of Nursing
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Wanted to let you, and anyone else interested, know how wonderful our experience with the Apollo whirlpool tub has been. Our residents just absolutely LOVE this tub! We have some residents that we have bathing challenges to say the least; when we introduced them to the whirlpool tub, we no longer have them refusing baths. This is great for them, they seem to really enjoy the entire process now! Great success for our nursing staff. As we enter our budget planning session for the 2011 year, we are working really diligently to get another Apollo whirlpool tub for another spa room. We currently have four spa rooms and I would love to have a whirlpool in each one! Thank you for always being available to answer questions and coming on-site to help us with our more challenging questions.
Karen Snavely RN, BSN
Resident Care Director
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I just completed reviewing my infection control log and my skin log. I checked infections prior to installing the new Apollo tub with UV action and I am excited to say that we are definitely doing something right. UTI’s—residents with a UTI previous to installing tub averaged 1.5 per month. This has gone down to .5 right now as we haven’t had anyone with a UTI in December and the one infection we had was a resident with chronic infections that does not drink water well. Cellulitis—We averaged 1 a month prior to installing the tub and now we are at 0. No skin infections since September. Skin tears—We had skin tears almost weekly on various residents due to the difficulty of getting into the old tub. Now we have no skin tears related to the whirlpool.
Larry Nanny
Read More
Thanks so much for setting up the Apollo Tub for us and giving our staff the in-service on the function and disinfecting of the tub. This tub has been extremely beneficial to our staff and residents and helped us with improving our Quality outcomes in several clinical areas. One area of note is specifically our Infection Control program. Prior to the installation of the tub we were running about 15 Urinary Tract Infections per month. In the last two months since the tub was delivered and set up we have been averaging about 7-8 UTI’s per month, and the majority of these are chronic UTI’s caused by urinary retention. I want to express our gratitude for your contribution to the success or our Infection Control Program.

Maintenance Resources

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Spa & Equipment Care

Apollo’s equipment care products are formulated for the healthcare industry’s stringent requirements for cleaning and disinfecting. These robust cleaning solutions are the most effective available yet competitively priced. Not only do our cleaning products and air sanitizers work effectively in healthcare facilities, they are great for all-purpose uses at home as well.

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Parts & Support

Not sure where to start? Our Parts and Support page is where you will find everything you need to ensure smooth and painless completion of any job involving an Apollo product. Whether you are planning an installation, repair, or service, all the tools you will need to get started are right here.

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Seniors Walk-in Bathtubs to encourage confident bathing 

Apollo Bath has 45 years of experience designing walk-in tubs and other bathtubsOur bathtubs are stylish, comfortable, and accessible to use. We designed walk-in tubs for older people to bathe without fear of tripping or slipping. Unlike standard bathtubs, these senior bathtubs provide a comfort zone for bathing with modular options. Our tubs provide a carefree bath for those with serious health conditions or disabilities to move and bathe independently. A walk-in tub allows caregivers and caretakers to bathe aged people without the hassle of agitation.

Safety features of walk-in tubs for seniors:

Unlike a traditional bathtub, our senior bathtub has a diverse range of safety features inserted into the bathtub for hassle-free bathing. Here, we disclose some of the safety features of bathtubs that are noteworthy to keep bathtubs in residents and state buildings for seniors.

Handrails and grab bars:

Almost two Handrails and grab bars are fixed in walk-in tubs to support and balance older people standing and sitting on bathing seats. 

Anti-slip flooring: 

Anti-slip Texture flooring maintains stability by creating roughness and positive traction to reduce the chances of slipping and skidding.

Low step threshold:

A low step threshold is accessible for seniors to walk in and out independently of the bathtub easily without fear of falling. 

ADA-compliant seat:

One key feature of our bathtub is delivering an ADA-compliant bathtub seat for seniors, which has wide accessible seats that are warm and provide comfortable support for seniors. ADA-compliant seats also regulate temperature to give massage therapy.

Infection control:

Our elderly Bathtubs are effective in controlling skin infections. The built-in jets are beneficial in reducing the entrance of bacteria by spraying anti-bacterial,anti-molds, and UV lights to kill bacteria that cause skin infections or other health issues.

Treatment therapy:

Our bathtubs efficiently allow a therapy treatment for elders to feel relaxed and comfortable after bathing. Here, we discuss some of the treatment features of Apollo tubs for older people to bathe efficiently.

Hydrotherapy treatment:

Hydrotherapy, also called water therapy, uses warm water to give a relaxing spa-like. Our Hydrotherapy tubs are essential to treat various skin concerns and help relieve joint pains, stress, high blood pressure, and injured muscles to recover quickly.

Chromotherapy treatment:

Chromotherapy, or color therapy, is built in a tub to bring hope and energy. Different colors utilized in bathtubs are effective for keeping the mind fresh and calm. This therapy plays a great role in improving the physical condition or mental health.

Why are walk-in tubs ideal for people with disabilities and seniors?

Walk-in bathtubs are designed perfectly to keep in mind the difficulties, fear, and hassle of elderly or disabled people during bathing. Our bathtubs are ideal for older people to bathe safely and securely. Our website also has a wide range of bathtubs with wide front door openings and side entry bathtubs, and we also have a complete range of Personal hygiene and cleaning solutions like HygenaTherasolPerine, and Turbo Clean

Are walk-in tubs for seniors worth it?

These are effective for seniors and those with mobility issues due to their vast benefits. If you face any complications during bathing, fear slippery surfaces, or are financially strong and have a budget for installing a bathtub. It’s likely worth it to elevate your bathroom with walk-in bathtubs. Before installing a senior bathtub, it’s crucial to consult the doctor to determine the pros and cons of installing walk-in tubs related to your health conditions. 

Please get in touch with us if you find a reputable manufacturer of walk-in bathtubs for seniors or disabled or have any questions about the topic. Our friendly team is always here to understand and help you find the best to your requirements. REQUEST QUOTE


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