Our Philosophy

“Caring for Generations”

At Apollo, we believe in well-being at every stage of life. Our products are focused on life-long wellness, health, revitalization and rejuvenation.

Our innovative bathing spas have been developed in partnership with senior living, long-term care and health care professionals throughout the country. We focus on technology advancement to deliver superior hygiene, therapeutic hydrotherapy, continuous infection control, safety and dignity. We strive to support the world’s caregivers and enhance the lives of those in their care.

Our over 40-year history serving healthcare providers has taught us that premium ingredients and care in formulation produce superior outcomes. Our skin care essentials have been shown to be highly effective in controlled studies and have been trusted throughout the healthcare industry for decades. Now, our proven skin care and bath offerings are available to men and women around the world, providing the best in hydrating, restoring skin care.

Apollo Corporation. Caring for Generations.

Made in the USA

What Our Customers Say

I just completed reviewing my infection control log and my skin log. I checked infections prior to installing the new Apollo tub with UV action and I am excited to say that we are definitely doing something right.

UTI’s—residents with a UTI previous to installing tub averaged 1.5 per month. This has gone down to .5 right now as we haven’t had anyone with a UTI in December and the one infection we had was a resident with chronic infections that does not drink water well.

Cellulitis—We averaged 1 a month prior to installing tub and now we are at 0. No skin infections since September.

Skin tears—We had skin tears almost weekly on various residents due to the difficulty of getting into the old tub. Now we have no skin tears related to the whirlpool.

On another note, we also have not had any staff injuries with transferring into the new tub due to the ease of getting in and out for the resident.

Thank you so much for representing this tub. We have seen an improvement in several areas. I can’t wait to see what happens over the course of a year.

Karen Snavely RN

BSN Resident Care Director , Heartland Park Senior Living

The resident’s that had a chance to use the tub so far have summed it up with one word: WONDERFUL!
The staff appreciate the ease and also the quietness of the tub. You have been a pleasure to work with.


Bethany Pines