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Walk-In Tubs For Seniors

We all know that the bathroom is slippery, where most unexpected tragedies occur, especially when seniors face these unfortunate incidents while bathing.

Standard tubs are unsafe; their structural design is fearful for older people who have difficulty climbing high walls and using tubs without grab bars.

Walk-in bathtubs are the perfect choice for those people to bathe in a safe and secure environment. These tubs are fully equipped with safety features and easily fit in residential bathrooms, hospitals, nursing homes, care homes and hotels.

These advanced tubs allow safe entry, non-slip floors, therapy treatments, comfortable chairs, and built-in doors. Many walk-in tubs are designed with integrated safety features and treatments like hydrotherapy to make elders and disabled people independent.

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Financing Available

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Quality Guarantee

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Are Walk-in Tubs Good for Seniors?

Walk-in tubs are designed to keep seniors’ fears, needs, and convenience in mind. Every necessity like grab bars or handrails, ADA-compliant seats with back warmers, hand showers and jets for massage are integrated with the tub, making it a perfect option for seniors to take a bath independently.

Installing walk-in tubs in the seniors’ bathroom increases their confidence and protects them from unexpected conditions and fear of alone bathing.

Comfort zone

Many types of tubs are available at the market, but when you are considered for a senior, then a walk-in tub is better than regular tubs. These tubs are more comfortable and cozier for seniors because they have a built-in seat and a back warmer to heal chronic and acute pains while bathing. From safe entrance to exit, every step is safe and comfortable.

Independent Bathing

Becoming independent is a dream of every senior to do personal care. Due to lack of mobility, falling and slipping and other serious health issues, they need a caretaker to help bathing. A walk-in tub is the best opportunity for those older people who love to bathe independently.

Reduce health issues.

The different types of therapy treatments, like hydrotherapy and heat therapy, are equipped with tubs that help reduce stress and other chronic health issues like cardiovascular diseases, athletes, joint pain, fatigue, and other age-related health conditions. These therapy treatments are best for seniors to take in a home with the help of caretakers.

Peace of Mind

A stress-free and peaceful life is important for seniors to keep them healthy. A walk-in tub has a great role in maintaining the wellness and health of older people by providing a spa-like treatment that gives them a relaxation massage or peace of mind.

The pros and Cons of Walk-in Tubs

Everything that has a benefit also has some downsides, but if we compare both, a walk-in tub is safer and more accessible than regular tubs and has more advantages for all ages of people, especially senior citizens.

The best walk-in tubs have integrated safety features like grab bars, an anti-slip floor, an integrated cleaning system, and a low step threshold, which is unavailable in regular tubs. Thanks to Apollo Corporation, their ReGen walk-in tub and hydrotherapy tubs are meticulously designed to be easily installed with less construction.

So, when purchasing a bathtub for older people, you must understand its downsides to customize your tub adequately. Below are a few pros and cons of a bathtub for seniors.

Pros of Walk-in tubs

  • Provide safe and independent bathing.
  • Safety features to prevent unexpected incidents.
  • Therapy treatments for relaxation
  • A luxury bathing environment
  • Increased property value
  • Comfortable bathing for all ages
  • Wheelchair accessible for easy transfer
  • Reduce heat and other health issues.

Cons of walk-in tubs

  • Slow drainage and filling time
  • More Expensive than a simple tub
  • Unreachable control
  • Costly installation
  • Temperature control issues
  • More water usage

Safety Features of a Walk-in Tubs

The best thing about walk-in tubs is theirĀ safetyĀ features, making them distinct from others. Different types of tubs are designed; the similarity is built-in safety features.Ā 

Apollo walk-in tubs are also safer for people with restricted mobility and senior citizens to enjoy falling-free bathing. Some safety features are integrated within a senior tub, which are as follows.

Grab bars

Grab barsĀ or handrails are the primary safety features preventing bathers from losing balance and falling. Almost two grab bars are built in the tub, in precise positions near the seat and the entrance door for the safety of disabled people.Ā 

The grab bar also helps or supports people while sitting or standing. Sturdy or durable grab bars that easily carry people’s weight are used in these tubs.

Low Step Threshold

One of the other safety benefits that must be in the best walk-in tub is a low entrance and exit. Senior citizens have difficulty climbing from high thresholds; sometimes, they fall while climbing or get injured. The threshold height is a maximum of 7 inches and is accessible; high entrances like regular tubs are unsafe.

Wheelchair accessible door

The walk-in bathtubs have a wheelchair-accessible door that allows a safe transformation from wheelchair to tub seat and during exit from tub to wheelchair. These doors are wide and are designed for easy entrance. These are watertight seal doors that prevent water leakage. Our walk-in tub doors are outswing with wide openings for an easy and hassle-free entrance.

Anti-slip surface

An anti-slip surface is the best feature that makes the tub safe for older adults. The lower surface or floor of the tub is made up of a non-slip material. The anti-resistant floor prevents older or disabled people from slipping and tripping.

How do you choose Walk-in tubs for older people?

Generally, most people purchase a walk-in tub for the safety and accessibility of older adults. Before choosing a highly accessible tub, consider some important things for the bather’s convenience.


Features are the primary thing you consider when purchasing a bathtub for older people. Grab bars, anti-slip floor, wide opening doors, and reachable faucets or control panels must be inserted into a tub to ensure safety because it is most important for loved ones.

Tub size

The size or shape of the bathtub is different in every brand, and it depends on your bathroom space, the bather’s size, and requirements. Some bathtubs are not deep, so taller people are not fully immersed.

Full-body immersion is necessary to take a relaxation bath to relax your every part.

When choosing a tub, it is important to measure the size of the bathroom where you need to install it. A good bathtub size is 35-40 inches in height. You can customize the bathtub size according to your bathroom’s dimensions.

Tub material

The quality of the walk-in tub must matter when investing for a lifetime. The bathtub, made of quality material, upgrades bathrooms for longer. The different brands use different materials; some are sold at a lower price, but the material used in cheap-rate tubs is low quality and damaged after some time.

The finest quality tub has a longer life span; Medicare gel-coated fibreglass bathtubs are sturdy and durable and upgrade your lavatory for a lifetime. Tub made of this strong material is easily cleaned and bacteria-resistant.

Style and appearance

A bathtub enhances the beauty of your lavatory. A tub style and physical appearance also attract seniors to bathe happily. Choose a bathtub that makes your lavatory luxurious and a light-coloured tub that looks aesthetic or elegant.

Fill and drain system.

If you want to purchase a bathtub for seniors, choose a fast-drainage and filling tub. Older people quickly irritate and have less patience to wait more than 5-7 mins. Some low-drainage bathtubs take longer, which is not good for seniors.

What type of tub is best for seniors?

There are many kinds of tubs available on the market. But when we talk about senior tubs, these tubs are equipped with more safety features and treatments. Regular tubs are not for seniors because they are unsafe.

ReGen Walk-in tub.

ReGen walk-in tub is an ADA-compliant seat tub in which the bather sits and is deeply immersed. This tub is designed for people of all ages, especially older adults.
The water jets are integrated with the seat for a complete body massage. Also, an integrated cleaning system is inserted on the bottom of the tub that cleans the infections and harmful bacteria from water and makes it germ-free.

Its outswing door is designed with a wider opening to transfer disabled people from a wheelchair to the bathtub easily.

The heated seats and spa-like water massage relieve back pain and other chronic health problems like joint pain, athletes’ ailments, or heart diseases. It has a fast drainage system and an easy-to-reach control panel for the convenience and accessibility of seniors.

Hydrotherapy Tub

Hydrotherapy tub provides complete hydro treatment at home. Apollo Advantage Hydrotherapy tubs have a safe sliding front door entry through a level Glide transfer chair system for experiencing a safe, lift-free entrance.Ā 

It offers convenience and comfort not only for bathers but also for caregivers. This tub offers a whirlpool hydrotherapy massage treatment that relieves older adults’ aches, pain, and discomfort. Hydro tubs have various benefits, like mental health improvement, reducing sugar levels and promoting better sleep.

What is the best height for the senior bathtub?

The height of the bathtub is important for a senior bather. The standard height of the tub is 40 inches. The seat height is a minimum of 17 inches. The low-height tubs, such as 30 inches or below, are not good for seniors as their shoulders or necks do not soak into the warm water.

Ā The best height of the tub is that the senior body is fully immersed in the tub to acquire full body relaxation and massage. You can also customize the bathtub according to your height or other requirements.

How much does it cost to walk in a bath?

The cost of the walk-in tubs is different depending on the size, material, brand, and integrated features. You can also customize your bathtub according to your budget.

The average cost of a tub ranges from $2000 to a luxurious bathtub $25000. The quality brand offers a lifetime tub warranty while requiring some maintenance after some time. Its integrated parts are easily changeable when its life span ends, but a quality tub has a lifetime warranty.

Customizing additional features like hydrotherapy, chromotherapy, an in-line water heater system, etc., will increase the cost of the bathtub.

Installation cost

Walk-in tub installation is also costly, depending on the installer and the bathroom layout. The installation expenses vary from $2000 to $10,000.

If you purchase a tub after measuring the bathroom dimensions, it takes less construction, reducing the installation charges. Also, a professional installer can help you install your bathtub at a reasonable cost.


Easy to use, transfer, and clean

Everyone wants to give elders respect and a comfort zone so they can enjoy older life without effort. If you’re a house owner, have a mobility issue during bathing, or are worried about a beloved elder. In that case, install aĀ bathtub that helps seniors for their comfort and ease.Ā 

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Advantageā„¢ Bathing System

The Advantageā„¢ Spa is a modular, comprehensive care system that provides resident comfort and caregiver ease of use.Ā  You will improve residents’ bathing experience and health.

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ReGenā„¢ Walk-in Spa Bathing System

We designed our ReGenā„¢ Walk-in Spa to give every resident a royalty bathing experience. Medical Grade Gel Coated fiberglass for long-lasting – lifetime warranty ā€¢ Bacteria resistant, easy to clean.

Our elderly bathtubs are preferred choice for caregivers and a top request among Residents of senior living facilities.

Built with features that save caretaker time and increase bathing satisfaction.Ā  Our tubs have all the latest features and technology, plus innovative options to make the bathing experience special.Ā  We aim to enhance the senior experience for all!Ā  It only takes one staff member.

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Regenerate a Room, a Body, and Skin with an Apollo Bath.

What Our Customers Say

Kent Blake
Read More
The Apollo tub with remedy UV infection control systems has helped our facility to reduce infections since we installed the tub 8 years ago. Recently our rate of infections started to rise. After we consulted with our Apollo rep, Doug Jones, he recommended only using the Apollo skin care and cleaning solutions. We, for a period of time, had gotten away from using only Apollo products. We stopped using the various bath and body products that resident families brought in, and went to strictly using the Apollo products. We are happy to report that our rate of infections has come back down. We would highly recommend the Apollo Bathing System with Remedy UV systems and Apollo Solutions for any nursing facility.
Paula Turner RN, DON
Director of Nursing
Read More
Wanted to let you, and anyone else interested, know how wonderful our experience with the Apollo whirlpool tub has been. Our residents just absolutely LOVE this tub! We have some residents that we have bathing challenges to say the least; when we introduced them to the whirlpool tub, we no longer have them refusing baths. This is great for them, they seem to really enjoy the entire process now! Great success for our nursing staff. As we enter our budget planning session for the 2011 year, we are working really diligently to get another Apollo whirlpool tub for another spa room. We currently have four spa rooms and I would love to have a whirlpool in each one! Thank you for always being available to answer questions and coming on-site to help us with our more challenging questions.
Karen Snavely RN, BSN
Resident Care Director
Read More
I just completed reviewing my infection control log and my skin log. I checked infections prior to installing the new Apollo tub with UV action and I am excited to say that we are definitely doing something right. UTIā€™sā€”residents with a UTI previous to installing tub averaged 1.5 per month. This has gone down to .5 right now as we havenā€™t had anyone with a UTI in December and the one infection we had was a resident with chronic infections that does not drink water well. Cellulitisā€”We averaged 1 a month prior to installing the tub and now we are at 0. No skin infections since September. Skin tearsā€”We had skin tears almost weekly on various residents due to the difficulty of getting into the old tub. Now we have no skin tears related to the whirlpool.
Larry Nanny
Read More
Thanks so much for setting up the Apollo Tub for us and giving our staff the in-service on the function and disinfecting of the tub. This tub has been extremely beneficial to our staff and residents and helped us with improving our Quality outcomes in several clinical areas. One area of note is specifically our Infection Control program. Prior to the installation of the tub we were running about 15 Urinary Tract Infections per month. In the last two months since the tub was delivered and set up we have been averaging about 7-8 UTIā€™s per month, and the majority of these are chronic UTIā€™s caused by urinary retention. I want to express our gratitude for your contribution to the success or our Infection Control Program.

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Spa & Equipment Care

Apolloā€™s equipment care products are formulated for the healthcare industryā€™s stringent requirements for cleaning and disinfecting. These robust cleaning solutions are the most effective available yet competitively priced. Not only do our cleaning products and air sanitizers work effectively in healthcare facilities, they are great for all-purpose uses at home as well.

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