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As we know, the bathroom is hazardous in the overall house. Using a slippery, inadequate bathroom is dangerous, especially for older people. Research shows that most older people get injured during bathing because of carelessness. It’s your responsibility to place high-quality elderly bathing solutions in the bathroom.

Bathing is a part of daily routine, and for Seniors, it is also necessary to bathe daily to decrease the risk of infectious diseases. Aged people have some phobia or fear of slipping and skidding during bathing, so they always avoid it.

Let’s dive into the depth of the topic to unveil Apollo Bath’s safety products and how beneficial bathing solutions are.

1- Personal hygienic and cleaning products

Every individual or caregiver needs to improve seniors’ hygienic condition. Unhygienic conditions are a direct contact with bacterial and infectious diseases. Personal care and cleaning are crucial for numerous reasons.

A few products from Apollo Bath can help elevate bath time.

All these products can enhance your bathing experience as they are rich with hygienic properties. Their balance Ph is compatible with skin to nourish your skin, sanitize, and smooth or soft all day. 

2-Air sanitizer

The bathroom air is the most germicidal, which can spread illness and unpleasant odors. Air sanitizing bath solutions significantly eliminate or kill bacteria from the air and make it a more pleasant environment. 

Apollo Duo Ionic air sanitizer can eliminate sour aromas and spread the fragrance in the air, giving older adults a refreshing feel to stay and bathe confidently. 

3- Walk-in spa bathtub

One of the best ways to take care of your elderly is to install a bathtub system.  Walk-in spa bathtubs have many safety features, such as grab bars, a low threshold, a reachable control panel, and comfortable heated seats. Special features of the walk-in tub include LED lights and color therapy. They provide a spa-like feeling to the older people to sit and enjoy bathing time unaided. 

4- Hydrotherapy bathtub

 A hydrotherapy tub is one of the safest and most pleasant activities. These tubs effectively improve your health conditions, such as reducing aches and pain, muscle stiffness, and being a source of mental pleasure. Installation of this bathing solution, designed with elders in mind, is beneficial to raise the experience of confident bathing. 

5- The splash guard

Installing a splash guard shield on the waste sink is a safety measure for medical personnel during disposal. It prevents infectious diseases, pathogens, and bacteria prevalence from splashing.

6- Seat safety parts

Safe seating is essential, especially around water and other slippery environments. The use of seatbelts prevents older adults from falling. While seat back straps support the back of the older people from getting tired during sitting, allowing them to sit and use their seats comfortably.

Also, the surface itself needs to be slip-resistant and comfortable. The deluxe seat cushion provides safety, comfort, and cleanability.

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