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Your residents deserve ease and safety when they bathe no matter their mobility issues. Comfort and providing easy assistance to the caregiver are essential for any assisted living equipment for the bathing experience. Only premium companies can deliver a spa-like experience that will make residents feel like the kings or queens in the facilities they reside.  

If you’re looking for a trusted bathing system supplier, consider Apollo’s state-of-the-art bathing systems. We have been leaders in infection control and skin care for over forty years. Our bathing systems are found in facilities that go above and beyond for their residents. 

Curious about bathing systems and how they might benefit residents? Let’s discuss and explore how they make residents happy and the lives of care staff a breeze! 


Why Bathing Intentionally Is Important

Many facilities may have their residents on a bathing schedule. Why is bathing so essential, and why can it be so challenging? 

Sometimes residents with Alzheimer’s or dementia can be afraid of water. They either find the cold water adverse or have a fear of drowning.

Pain or memory can also be influencing factors. Gentle reminders and making the experience comfortable can help make the experience more enjoyable for the resident. 

Keep encouraging bathing even if residents are showing an aversion. Bathing is essential for infection control but can also offer physical and emotional benefits. 

Studies have found that bathing can improve fatigue, stress, pain, and improve residents’ emotional health. 


Suggestions For Assisting With Bathing

Are you looking for some helpful suggestions for assisting residents with bathing? 

Here are some tips that you can try: 


What Does An Ideal Bathing System Entail?

You want the bathing experience to be both safe and positive for your residents. Many bathing systems now have a spa design giving them a look of comfort and style. Residents can feel even more welcome with the added touch of towels, music, or lights. 

Facilities with adequate staff take the time to bathe residents, so special attention may be given. Time is taken, the water temperature is perfect, perhaps music is played in the background, sometimes even essential oils are added. Special care and comfort are taken for the individual residents during this time. 

Side-entry bathing systems are an option to encourage independence. They allow for residents to wash as independently as possible. They also provide a warm and relaxing bath which calms anxiety while reducing pain. Plus, side-entry tubs promote independence and respect. 

The ideal bathing systems for assisted living equipment facilities are caregiver-friendly! They incorporate internal disinfection systems, so they provide ultimate infection control. By using Remedy UV Germicidal water purification during bath cleaning and chemical cleaning system between bath cleanings residents and caregivers alike are protected. 

Environmental Considerations To Consider

There are special environmental considerations before installing bathing systems for seniors. 

  1. Consider the distance of the bathing room from the residents’ rooms and if it will be difficult for staff or residents to travel. 
  2. Think about the lighting. Poorly lit areas are a considerable safety risk to both residents and staff. Also, regularly change any lightbulbs or lighting that dims to keep everyone safe at all times. 
  3. Check the area size. Can your space accommodate the bathing system you would like to install? Ideally, both the caregivers and residents should be able to move freely about the area. 

Addressing all concerns before installing the assisted living equipment will eliminate future problems, so you will have both happy caregivers and residents moving forward! 

I’m Ready To Upgrade Our Assisted Living Equipment!

So you have budgeted for assisted living equipment, and it’s time for your residents to experience the ultimate bathing experience. Apollo Corporation offers innovative bathing systems that will introduce your residents to comfort, healing, and wellness. 

Not only that, but Apollo has designed the bathing systems with caregiver safety in mind. You can be assured that risk is minimized to the caregiver so you can put the focus where it matters – providing comfort to your residents! 

Contact us for more information about how Apollo can help your long-term care facility.


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