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The ability for seniors to bathe on their own can give them back some dignity and independence. But the movements during a bath can cause pain, fear, and discomfort.

Seniors need to bathe at least twice a week. It prevents skin breakdown and infections.

Bathing can be pleasant and without harm. How?

Apollo Bath has been a champion of innovation in bathing systems for more than 40 years. The Apollo Spas are modular in architecture. The customization allows you to meet residents’ and caregivers’ needs.

Keep reading to learn how Apollo Bath is more than a bathing system.

The Value of Apollo Bath Systems


Keeping residents comfortable is paramount. Among the essential requirements besides medical care are personal care and hygiene.

Residents require frequent baths for hygiene and infection control. A hot bath also makes the residents relax and improve their health. Research confirms the health benefits of a hot bath.

It increases blood flow, lowers blood pressure, and prevents infections. Your nursing care system can improve residents’ bathing experience with Apollo Bath Systems.

The units not only facilitate a hot bath but also offer more value.

Infection Control

Apollo offers FDA-approved bathing systems. The system features Remedy UV technology, a germicidal water purification system, for infection control.

The technology can reduce UTIs by 50% and respiratory infections by 35%  because the UV light system reduces bacteria and viruses in water.

Residents are healthier and safer with the bathing system. The Solares Spa Bathing System has 50% more UVC intensity than the original Remedy germicidal water purification system.

The UV water purifier has been proven to improve infection control in senior care facilities 

Residents in nursing homes are vulnerable to UTIs, influenza, skin and respiratory infections, so residents are better off with a system that reduces the risk of infection.


A wave of water showing hydrotherapy in Apollo Bath bathign systems

Different Apollo whirlpool bath systems offer enjoyable and relaxing hydrotherapy baths. A resident leaves the bathtub cleaner and feeling pampered. 

In the long run, the bathing systems increase residents’ immunity. Older adults commonly give up on their hygiene. Depression, shyness, and fear of burdening the caregiver contribute to their hesitancy to bathe.

The hydrotherapeutic pampering by Apollo systems can give residents an incentive for bathing.

Bathing should be enjoyable. People leave the bathroom feeling refreshed and energized for the day. Your residential facility should make senior bathing enjoyable with Apollo baths.

Provides Both Resident and Caregiver Comfort

An elderly resident and caregiver holding hands in a long-term care facility

Traditional bathing systems require movements and bending. For seniors with conditions like arthritis, osteoporosis, or joint pain, it can be painful.

The caregiver wants to facilitate hygiene procedures safely and comfortably. Apollo Bath allows residents to enter the tub via a comfortable, secure chair. Patients bathe while seated, which reduces back strain and bending.

The chair is movable to allow access to all areas of the patient’s body. You can glide the chair in and out of the bathing system. The architectural design prevents common risks from overhead lifts.

The unit has a dispensing system to meter out shampoo and body oil. Amounting to just the right amount of product to keep the skin healthy and pliable.

Apollo Advantage Seated Bathing System has a whirlpool option to offer gentle massages. 

The bathing system’s unique features offer a safe, secure, and comfortable bathing experience.


A caregiver assisting a resident into an Apollo Bath tub.

Traditional bathtubs are a little risky for older adults. Residents using traditional tubs report frequent skin tears due to difficulty entering the tub. Apollo bathing systems have a whirlpool that reduces this risk.

Other risks like infections and slippery surfaces are a non-issue with Apollo bath products.

The features that make Apollo bath systems safer include:

Caregiver’s Comfort

Apollo designs minimize injury risks to caregivers. Long-term bathing of senior adults can cause back strains and injuries. The lift transfer and adaptable features reduce such risks.

The Solares Spa Bathing System features are user-friendly to caregivers. The system’s multilingual capabilities increase communication.

Caring for the elderly doesn’t have to be quite as stressful. Apollo configuration tools reduce the burdens and stress of bathing seniors.

This would increase the motivation to offer frequent baths and quality of services in your nursing home.

Diverse Apollo Bathing Systems Options

Apollo offers a variety of bathing systems with unique features. Each year, the company improves user experience and functionality.

The alternatives to consider include:

Your options are not limited to the bathing systems. Depending on your functional needs and budget, you can choose a suitable bathtub. Each of the products facilitates excellence for eldercare through dedication and customer-centricity.

Improve Your Nursing Home Quality of Care with Apollo Bath

A senior man smiling in a wheelchair next to his caregiver.

Showering helps older people protect their skin and prevent infections. Unfortunately, many elderly persons are reluctant to shower.

It’s easy for the seniors to give up on themselves. As a care facility, you bridge the gap by tending to their health and hygienic needs. You can improve the bath experience of your residents with Apollo bath.

Apollo Bath systems reduce injury risks for both residents and caregivers. The unique configurations provide safety and comfort for residents.

Provide your residents with hygienic regimens that are restorative and enjoyable. Partner with Apollo Bath to improve your resident’s quality of care. Contact us for more information on Apollo bathing systems.

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