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Senior Bathing Solutions

Apollo Bath provides the finest and most comprehensive collection of complete units and parts for all our state-of-the-art senior bathing solutions. Come with infection control and skin care products to ensure your residents and staff are at their safest and cleanest.

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Advantage™ Bathing System

The Advantage™ Spa is a modular, comprehensive care system that provides resident comfort and caregiver ease of use.  You will improve residents’ bathing experience and health.

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ReGen™ Walk-in Spa Bathing System

We designed our ReGen™ Walk-in Spa to give every resident a royalty bathing experience. Medical Grade Gel Coated fiberglass for long-lasting – lifetime warranty • Bacteria resistant, easy to clean.

custom-fit to your needs

We would love to help you find the best way to provide a positive bathing experience to those in your care. We go the extra mile to make sure your purchase is custom-fit to your needs.

Bathing solutions for the elderly you care about

We care about your loved ones just as much as you do. A bathroom incident is one of the most horrific scenarios that no one wants to dream about, especially when you have an elderly. Apollo Bath offers seniors the most advanced bathing solutions to avoid bathroom mishaps. Our shower solutions for older people make it easier to bathe without fear of slipping. All our equipment is of the finest quality, and we in no way compromise on any features. If you have elders and older adults in your house who dread bathing, you can find some perfect walk-in bathtubs for seniors on our website at market-competitive rates.

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Cost-Effective, Modular Systems to Meet Your Needs & Budget

All Apollo Spas are modular in architecture, enabling customization to best meet the needs of your residents and your business.

Infection Control

Apollo offers the only bathing systems with an FDA-Approved, germicidal water purification system. Our Remedy® UV technology delivers unrivaled infection protection, clinically proven to reduce UTI’s by 50% and reduce Respiratory Infections by 35%. Our patented infection control technology delivers rapid Return on Investment while creating a healthier, happier resident population.


Apollo’s Advantage™ Spa End-Entry Bathing System offers both air spa and FDA Class II whirlpool hydrotherapy spa options. An enjoyable and relaxing hydrotherapy bath provides a broad range of therapeutic health benefits.

The true hydrotherapy of our whirlpools increases blood circulation and endorphin production, which strengthens the immune system, reduces inflammation, promotes healing and energizes the body.

Industry Leading Tub Fill with the Rapid Fill Reservoir

A fast fill helps both the caregiver and resident experience. Reduce fill time and improves comfort, and quality of the bath. Fill your tub in 60-90 seconds!

No LIFT Transfer System, the Level Glide Transfer System

Improve the resident experience and reduce the risks associated with lifting residents in the air. Better for both caregiver and bather. Complete a safe transfer with one caregiver. Plus, add a scale to capture resident weight during bath prep.

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