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Wet and slippery baths are hazardous areas, particularly for seniors. This is why Apollo Bath designed a range of bathing systems specially designed for senior bathroom safety. We want senior personal care to be enjoyable. Therefore, we’ve created functional and innovative bathing systems to support independence and safety.

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Bathtub Help for Seniors

A patient being put into an Apollo Bath Tub. These bathing systems are the ultimate bathtub help for seniors.

Each year in the US, there are around 36 million falls of older adults. Apollo Bath is here to be part of the solution to improve senior safety and help mitigate the risk of falls while bathing.

Apollo Bath has developed bathroom equipment to enhance the care of seniors. As part of this, we avoid using lifts for tubs as they can become slippery and dangerous for the patient and staff. Couple no lifts with other safety and comfort features, and you’ll find that Apollo Bath makes the best bathing systems on the market.

What Are the Different Types of Aids Available for Senior Bathing?

Here we break down some of the different features we offer with our bathing systems to help reduce the risk of falls and make bathing a safer, more enjoyable experience overall. Bathtub help for seniors is made easy with Apollo Bath. Read on to learn about different types of equipment offered to improve personal care and bathtub safety.

1. Chairs

Chairs make a tremendous difference in safety during senior bathing. It’s easier for caregivers to provide the best care possible, reduces the pressure placed on knees and backs, and increases overall safety in the wet bath.

That is why Apollo Bath offers a range of high-quality chairs for bathing. For example, our Level Glide™ Transfer System allows for a dignified entry into the bath while reducing the number of transfers necessary. It also reduces the number of caregiver lifts, which can quickly become tiresome.

Chairs can come with belt attachments for security and to reduce the chances of client buoyancy. They have also been designed so that the showerhead is not obstructed. Chairs are one of the key features of our bathtub help for seniors and help create a safer and easier bathing experience.

2. Rails

Rails play a crucial role in bath and shower safety for seniors. More than a third of adults over 60 years old struggle to access the bathtub or shower, which is where a safety rail can help.

At Apollo Bath, our bathtubs have been specially designed for easy access for seniors and caregivers, so rails are not always necessary. However, we still recommend rail placement throughout the bathroom.

Apollo Bath also provides a Foot Care Platform, which easily attaches to the inside of the tub. It makes bathing more comfortable, lifting residents’ feet, and they are removable for easy cleaning.

3. Shower Heads

For long-term care and senior care, it’s important that showerheads are accessible in the bathtub so that it is easy to wash residents from all angles.

4. Walk-in Tubs

Innovative walk-in tubs are at the core of Apollo Bath’s bathtub help for seniors. We believe that bath lifts are time-consuming, dangerous, and unnecessary. Instead, we have evolved the walk-in tub to make state-of-the-art pieces of equipment for long-term care and senior care professionals to use.

5. Temperature Control

In long-term care facilities, it’s essential to have the ability to control bathing temperatures to avoid scalding and accidental temperature changes. This is why Apollo Bath introduced hydrostatic temperature control valves and a thermometer to check on water temperature during fill and use. These high-quality additions make all the difference when running a bath or showering residents.

6. State-of-the-Art Technology

Apollo Bath uses state-of-the-art technology in all of its tubs. This is how we offer the highest quality bathtub help for seniors. In our hydrotherapy bathtubs, you can download bath data so that caregivers can easily track the dates and times of baths and cleaning sessions. The bathtubs also include medical-grade gel-coated fiberglass, which is safe and easy to clean.

7. Extra Hygiene

The Advantage Spa tub by Apollo Bath

The Apollo Bath systems are designed to give residents an elevated bathing experience. As well as focusing on the practical side of entering and using the tub, Apollo Bath has also developed state-of-the-art cleaning systems so that seniors can have a luxurious and hygienic wash. After every use, the equipment can be easily cleaned for the next resident.

The Solares™ Spa Bathing System, for example, works with the Remedy+™ Germicidal UV water purification system, so it can be cleaned using UV light for extra hygiene. For easy maintenance and cleaning, the Advantage™ Spa features side panels that are easy to remove. These long-term care facility hygiene aids not only enhance the overall bathing experience but make it possible for caregivers to consistently provide the highest standards of care.

8. Other Helpful Bathroom Additions

There are other useful bathroom devices to help support senior bathing. For example, anti-slip bath mats add an extra level of security in any bathroom. Bath steps can also be helpful for seniors who are still climbing into baths themselves, and non-slip safety stools are helpful if more height is needed. Special shower curtain hooks can be added to make sure that seniors don’t slip on long shower curtains.

Adjustable toilet seat grab bars are a good option if several people will be using the same bathroom. These additions provided by other companies can help support the safety of the elevated bathroom systems provided by Apollo Bath.

Bathtub Helpers for Seniors: The Round Up

Senior woman with her caregiver. An important aspect of senior care is bathing help for seniors.

Apollo Bath is dedicated to providing high-quality walk-in bathtubs and showers for seniors. We know that using stylish, state-of-the-art bathing systems can make all of the difference to residents and care professionals.

From chairs to rails and anti-slip walk-in tubs, your bathroom can be elevated with Apollo Bath’s innovative equipment. With over 40 years of experience, we are focused on providing high-quality systems. To learn more about Apollo Bath bathing systems, to speak to our design consultation team, or for technical assistance, don’t hesitate to get in touch today.

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