elderly bathing solutions

The goal of any long-term care professional is to provide compassionate and safe senior care. We all know that the right tools and equipment are needed. There are many features that long-term care professionals consider when purchasing equipment, such as elderly bathing solutions. 

In particular, elderly purchasing bathing solutions must be given careful and measured thought. The process of bathing a resident comes with a level of risk, and each step must be planned  out to ensure safety. safe. For example, is the water temperature comfortable? Is the transfer bench secure? 

One of the most important areas that healthcare professionals and potential residents must consider is infection control. Let’s consider the dangers of infections in long-term care patients and how the right bathing system can minimize, if not remove, those risks.  

Apollo Bath is unrivaled in its commitment to providing safe care and is your partner in having healthier and happier residents. The Remedy Germicidal UV Water Purification System, only available with Apollo bathing systems, is clinically proven to reduce infection rates and is the gold standard in patient care. Learn more about our bathing systems here to determine which one is right for your facility. 

The Dangers of Infections in Older Adults

As residents age, they are more  susceptible to illness and infection.  Also there are those in your care that are already immunocompromised because of other health factors and diseases. Therefore, it is key to protect the most vulnerable in your care due to pre-existing conditions and other health factors. 

When it comes to infections, bathing has many challenges. The combination of hot water and the pathogens that bathers bring into the bath create a breeding ground for harmful bacteria to grow. 

Depending on the bathing system used, some bacteria are given a chance to grow even further in between uses. Small amounts of contaminated water left in the bath, such as in the drain lines,  can sometimes sit for long periods of time. During that time, bacteria can flourish and then spread to the next patient that uses the bath.

Infectious diseases account for one-third of all deaths in people 65 years and older. Thus, the importance of infection control cannot be understated. Even a run-of-the-mill urinary tract infection can have serious complications and even lead to death. 

Aren’t Closed Air Loops Systems Safer? 

That is a question we are often asked, and the short answer is no. 

The reality is that they increase the likelihood of bacteria growing within the lines. As a result, most bathing systems, including Apollo’s, come with a way to flush the pipes in between use. This will enhance infection control. 

Closed air loop systems can house harmful pathogens by drawing polluted air into the system, allowing contaminated water to drip back into the lines during a bath, and not having a method to flush the lines. Over time, bacteria are likely to grow. 

What is the Best Way to Purify Water?

Without question, the best defense against infection is to have clean water. 

Time and time again, ultraviolet light water purification has proven to be the gold standard for attaining the cleanest water.. That same study from the Medical College of Pennsylvania found dramatically lower bacteria levels after using Apollo’s Remedy UV Germicidal Water Purification System.

How does it work? Simply put, the UV light passes through water and inactivates the DNA in microorganisms, making it impossible for them to  replicate. Therefore, bacteria that cannot reproduce cannot cause an infection. 

UV light works as a broad spectrum germicide, meaning that it is effective against a wide range of bacterias, including highly virulent and drug-resistant bacteria. Many systems aim to rid their system of these bacteria using harsh and dangerous chemicals, but it can be done much more efficiently and safely using UV light treatment.

elderly bathing solutions

Remedy™ UV Germicidal Water Purification 

Only Apollo offers adaptive equipment for bathing with an FDA-recognized, germicidal ultraviolet light water purification system. In addition, the Remedy and Remedy Plus Purification Systems are in a class of their own for infection prevention and control. 

Apollo’s ultraviolet water purification technology delivers unrivaled infection prevention and control, clinically proven to reduce UTIs by 50% and respiratory infections by 35%. Water passes by the UV lights five times during a bath, giving the system many opportunities to work against harmful viruses and bacteria.

In an independent lab test, the Remedy system removed 99.9% of the pseudomonas aeruginosa bacteria and 100% of E. coli. Those two bacteria alone cause many urinary tract infections, respiratory illnesses (including pneumonia), dermatitis, and bone and joint conditions. 

Infection Control Between Use

As mentioned previously, when contaminated water seeps back into the bath or remains in the drain line, it can be a breading ground where bacteria are likely to grow. 

Apollo Bath prides itself in providing complete care, which means providing a clean and safe bath each and every time. All of our whirlpool bathing systems are equipped with features in place to allow virtually no water to remain in the bathing system. 

Additionally, our specifically designed Apollo spa-care products, like the Turbo Clean™ tub cleaner, have been proven to greatly improve the cleanliness of the bathtub. Studies have shown that a Remedy-equipped whirlpool cleaned between each bath with our Turbo Clean has significantly fewer bacteria cultures than other chemically pre-disinfectant/disinfectant systems. 

We briefly noted above that skin conditions are a real concern for elderly residents. Imagine the care and experience that your residents can receive when their skin is not affected by harsh chemicals but with water that is cleaned much more naturally. 

The Apollo Difference

Caring for an elderly loved one is a noble service, and with it comes a significant responsibility. We recognize that you want to provide safe and effective care that promotes good health. 

With this in mind, Apollo’s commitment to preventing infections is simply unparalleled. Our Remedy UV Germicidal Purification Systems are proven to make a difference and to reduce bacteria and infection in residents. 

Give your staff andresidents peace of mind knowing that you are willing to go the extra mile to protect their health. Request a quote from Apollo today to see how you can make our bathing systems a part of your infection control protocol. 

Apollo has been the industry leader and champion of innovation in bathing systems, infection control and skincare for over 40 years, serving the needs of Long Term Care and Senior Care professionals while delighting their residents.

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