Advantage™ End-Entry Seated Bathing Systems

Rapid Fill™ Reservoir


Advantage™ Spa with Rapid Fill™ Reservoir

Most efficient spa bathing system available. Provides exceptional bathing efficiency and resident comfort, and offers outstanding return on investment.


Level Glide™ Transfer System


Advantage™ Spa with Level Glide™ Transfer System

Increases resident comfort and safety, and reduces the number of transfers. Optional integrated scale allows resident weight to be recorded during bath preparation.


Whirlpool Hydrotherapy


Advantage Spa Whirlpool Hydrotherapy

All Apollo bathing systems are configurable as an air spa or FDA Class II whirlpool hydrotherapy spa. A relaxing hydrotherapy bath provides a broad range of therapeutic health benefits.


Remedy Ultraviolet Water Purifier


Remedy Ultraviolet Water Purifier

Apollo’s ultraviolet water purification technology delivers comprehensive infection protection, clinically proven to reduce UTIs by 50% and Respiratory Infections by 35%.


Introducing the Advantage™ End-Entry Seated Bathing System

At its core, the Advantage™ Spa is a modular, comprehensive care system that provides resident comfort and caregiver ease-of-use. Compared to traditional bathing methods, this innovative system improves the bathing experience and health of residents at any care level while simultaneously providing clinical and financial benefits for care facilities:

Safe, secure, and comfortable

The Advantage Spa features the industry’s most user-friendly and reliable access door. When equipped with the Level Glide™ Transfer System, bathers are moved into the tub in a comfortable and secure chair, gliding into place without the risks, discomfort and anxiety of many traditional lifts. Protection against scalding and temperature variations is assured with the high-quality, hydrostatic temperature control valve and thermometers monitoring water temperature.

Therapeutic Hydrotherapy with Every Bath

All Apollo bathing systems are configurable as an air spa or FDA Class II whirlpool hydrotherapy spa. An enjoyable, relaxing hydrotherapy bath provides a broad range of therapeutic health benefits. The whirlpool provides continuous circulation of warm water over the body and massages the skin, joints and muscles while dilating blood vessels. Hydrotherapy has been shown to increase blood circulation and endorphin production (the body’s natural pain relievers), reduce anxiety, stabilize blood sugar levels, aide wound debridement, support a healthy immune system, reduce inflammation, promote healing and energize the body and spirit. Providing residents with whirlpool bathing as part of their regular hygiene regimen provides the restorative and holistic health maintenance benefits of hydrotherapy with each bath and dramatic impact to their overall health and quality of life. Your business will enjoy substantive competitive advantage and rapid return on investment.

Remedy™ UV Germicidal Water Purification

Only Apollo offers bathing systems with an FDA-recognized, germicidal water purification system for continuous infection control during every bath. A study by the Medical College of Pennsylvania shows the dramatic levels of bacteria that a bather brings to their own bath and proves the efficacy of UV purification at disinfecting the bath water during the bath1. Apollo’s ultraviolet water purification technology delivers unrivaled infection protection, clinically proven to reduce UTIs by 50% and Respiratory Infections by 35%. Our infection control technology delivers rapid return on investment while creating a healthier, happier resident population.

Wanted to let you, and anyone else interested, know how wonderful our experience with the Apollo whirlpool tub has been. Our residents just absolutely LOVE this tub! We have some residents that we have bathing challenge to say the least; when we introduced them to the whirlpool tub, we no longer have them refusing baths. Which is great for them, they seem to really enjoy the entire process now! Great success for our nursing staff.

Thanks again!

Paula Turner, RN

DON Life Care Center of Carrollton

I wanted to share with you some information on our UTl’s. Since the installation of the two Apollo whirlpool bathtubs with the Remedy Infection Control System in 2016, our UTl’s have decreased throughout the facility by 50%. This is great news for our residents and our facility. The residents and staff both enjoy the tubs. Thank you very much!

Linn Community Nursing Home, Inc.

Improved Quality of Care

Caregivers will enjoy the Advantage Spa because it’s safe and easy to use. The system’s ergonomic design reduces bending and back strain. The chair moves easily to allow access to all areas of the body and when equipped with the Level Glide™ Transfer System, the chair glides in and out of the bathing system (avoiding the danger of conventional lifts). All these features reduce the likelihood of injury to both caregiver and resident.

Improved skin integrity

Skin care is vital to a resident’s health and well-being. For this reason, we include an integrated dispensing system on all Apollo Spas. The dispensing system makes Apollo’s high quality shampoo and body wash and bath oil conveniently accessible to the caregiver to keep skin clean, hydrated, and healthy. Apollo’s bath care products are UV light transmissible to assure continuous reliability of the Remedy UV water purification system.

Easy Operation, Cleaning, and Maintenance

All Apollo Spas are easy to clean and maintain. Each come standard with an integrated cleaning system that automatically mixes and dispenses a cleaner and a disinfectant into the tub for surface cleaning by brush and flushes and disinfects the internal plumbing for comprehensive disinfection. In addition, Advantage Spas feature side panels that are easily removed for access to the entire unit for routine inspection and maintenance. Our parts are easy to obtain direct from our web store or via phone orders with same-day shipping, allowing on-site maintenance personnel to keep your Spa in top condition. And if you need our help? Apollo offers high quality documentation and technical service phone support. On-site repair is available on a fee for service basis.

Cost-Effective, Modular Architectures to Meet Your Needs and Budget

All Apollo Spas are modular in architecture, enabling customization to best meet the needs of your residents and your business.

Rapid Fill™ Reservoir

The Apollo Advantage™ Spa offers the Rapid Fill™ Reservoir for maximum efficiency and resident comfort, filling the bath with temperature-controlled water in 60-90 seconds.

Level Glide™ Transfer System:

The Apollo Advantage™ Spa offers the Level Glide™ Transfer System for easy, safe and comfortable transfer of all residents.

Whirlpool for True Hydrotherapy

All Apollo Spa Bathing Systems can be configured as a soothing whirlpool, providing superior hygiene and therapeutic benefits.

Remedy™ UV Protection

All Apollo Spa Bathing Systems offer the option to provide continuous infection mitigation with our FDA-recognized Remedy™ UV Germicidal Water Purification System.

Configuration Options

The Apollo Advantage™ Spa is a seated bathing system that is just waiting to be customized. Its modular options allow you to customize the Spa to accommodate your needs entirely and adjust as your requirements change.

Air Spa or Whirlpool Spa

The Advantage Air Spa features twenty evenly distributed air jets to envelop the bather in bubbles inducing relaxation and relieving tension. The integrated cleaning and disinfecting system flushes and disinfects all air lines followed by an air purge to support for a comprehensive disinfection protocol.

When equipped with the Advantage Whirlpool Spa, four strategically positioned water jets provide the true hydrotherapy that only the water circulation of a whirlpool can offer. Hydrotherapy is especially beneficial for residents with depressed circulatory and/or cognitive systems. All internal plumbing is sanitized by the cleaning and disinfecting system.

Remedy™ UV Water Purification

As an available option for all Apollo Whirlpool Spas, our FDA-recognized, germicidal water purification system provides continuous infection control during every bath. Apollo’s ultraviolet water purification technology is clinically proven to reduce UTIs by 50% and Respiratory Infections by 35%.

Rapid Fill™ Reservoir

The Advantage Rapid Fill Reservoir fills the tub in under 90 seconds for immediate caregiver productivity and resident comfort, providing all the benefits of an immersion bath in the same amount of time as it takes to shower.

Level Glide™ Transfer System

The Level Glide Transfer System allows safe, fast, comfortable and easy transfer of virtually any resident up to 400 pounds. The chair can be used to transport the resident from their room and into the tub without intermediate transfers. Vastly superior to conventional lifts, it virtually eliminates the chances of injury to residents and caregivers.

Digital Weigh Scale

Available as an option to the Level Glide Transfer System, the integrated scale makes it easy to capture resident weight during bath prep with no transfers or standing required.

Space Saver

Offers all the outstanding features and options of our Advantage Spa in a shorter, more space-efficient size.

Panel Styles and Colors

Designed to create the atmosphere of a luxury spa, the Advantage Spa color panels are available in several colors and styles to compliment your spa room décor.

Department of Microbiology and Immunology and Department of Community and Preventive Medicine, The Medical College of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA 19129, U.S.A.

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