Essence™ Spa Troubleshooting Guide

Soap or Oil pumps not operational.

Is there solution in the bottles and are the solution tubes in the bottles? Check to see if there is solution in the bottles and that the tubes are all the way down into the bottle.

Are the pumps primed? At times the solution pumps fail due to losing prime. It is recommended that you pump water through the pump to prime them. The lines should be primed, and the bottle then can be returned to the solution drawer.

Remedy lights not lit while whirlpool is in operation. (If applicable)

Are the bulbs connected?

Check to see if the UV bulbs are installed and connected. If they are, then check to see if they are operational by turning on the whirlpool pump for a short time. If they are working then the indicators need to be replaced. Call Apollo for directions. If the bulbs are not working then check the fuses. If one light is working then check the bulb for operation by switching the plugs. If it does not work it is the bulb, if the bulb does work then it is the ballast. Call Apollo for parts. Caution, do not touch the glass portion of the UV bulbs.

Water is not maintaining the correct temperature.

Are the water hoses connected to the correct supply line? Is the incoming hot water supply adequate? The hoses are marked with red and blue tape: the red tape should be connected to the hot and the blue should be connected to the cold. If connected correctly, the RADA cartridge may need to be replaced. Call Apollo for more details.

Water is leaking by the door.

Is the green light on before the tub was filled and remained on throughout the entire bath? The green light indicates the seal is fully engaged. If it is not fully engaged then water will leak out. If the green light does not light after 10 seconds when the door is up, check for leaks in the actuator, air line or if the air compressor is operational. The air compressor should turn off in 10 seconds and should not cycle during the bath. If not, then there is an air leak.

Are the seals intact and pliable? If the seals are not intact, then they need to be replaced.

Has the door been properly adjusted? The door can be adjusted to place additional pressure on the seal. Four nuts are located on the door support frame. Turn each nut in a quarter turn. Repeat this until the door stops leaking. If the door cannot be activated properly due to friction, call Apollo for advice.

Water is appearing on the floor.

Is the drain line on the tub drain pan connected? Call Apollo for advice.

Water is leaking through the plumbing.

Call Apollo for advice.

Door will not operate.

Is the power connected? Make sure unit is plugged into GFI outlet and the breaker has not been tripped.

Has the power to the unit been turned off and the door not returned home? If the power has been disconnected the tub door needs to find home. This is accomplished by cycling the door operating button twice.

Has the emergency switch been activated? If the emergency switch has been used, then the switch needs to be in the off position (pushed in) and the door needs to be sent to the home position.

Door will not close.

Verify the Emergency Button is not engaged.

Verify the bathing system is plugged into an electrical outlet that has power.

Door stops in the middle of travel.

Is there an obstruction? To restart the door, clear the obstruction, cycle the green button, the door will go down to home and then restart the door closing operation.

Has the door been left in the down position? Gently assist the door while it is going up. For details, see “Door Safety” on page 9.

Door will not open.

Is there water in the tub? If there is water in the tub, the door will not operate until it is below the float switch. If there is no water in the tub, then check the float switch located on the side of the seat. This switch should be in the down position to operate the door properly. Call Apollo for advice.

Door is making clicking noise while operating.

Is the door in the down position? If the door is in the down position, then the photo eye may not be engaged. Check the sensor on the left side of the tub to see if the red light is lit. The problem may be extended to the fact that the actuators are out of sync. Call Apollo for advice.

Is the door in the middle of the travel? There may be too much friction between the door and the seal. Four nuts are located on the door support frame. Turn each nut out a quarter turn. Repeat this until the friction is reduced. Fill the tub with water and verify there are no leaks. If the door cannot be adjusted properly due to friction, call Apollo for advice.

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