Consumer Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between an air spa and a whirlpool?
Both air spas and whirlpools provide a relaxing bath, but they work in very different fashions. Air spas simply force heated air out of portals in the bottom of the tub. Air bubbles form and rise to the surface, massaging the body as they rise. Whirlpools actually circulate water through an internal system and pump the circulated water out a series of jets. Air is infused in the water to create millions of microscopic bubbles. This process is called “cavitation”. The combination of water movement and air bubbles massages and cleans the body, and has been proven to provide distinct hydrotherapy benefits. In some cases bathing in true whirlpools may be reimbursed under certain Medicare codes.
I was told that air spas are safer than whirlpools in regards to cross-contamination issues.
They are not. Today’s bathing systems are generally equipped with disinfection systems to flush air lines or whirlpool lines between baths. As such, the bathing systems are able to be completely cleaned and disinfected between baths. Additionally, Apollo offers the Remedy® Ultraviolet Light Water Purification system that can kill up to 99% of harmful pathogens during the bath. This reduces significantly the chances of self-infection during the bath.
How does your Advantage Bathing System work?

Check out our in-depth video on how to operate our Advantage Bathing System and learn about the features and benefits of this unique system.

I was told that “closed loop” air spa systems are better than other air spas and whirlpools. Is this true?
No. In fact, they can actually increase the chances of bacteria colonizing within the lines. Most bathing systems, regardless of whether they are air spas or whirlpools, come equipped with a means to flush the lines between baths, thereby enhancing infection control. Closed loop systems can harbor harmful pathogens three ways: drawing humid and bacteria-laden air into the system, allowing contaminated water to seep back into the lines during the course of a bath or via old or defective air ports, and by providing no means to flush the lines. Over time, the lines become a growth area for bacteria.
What is the Remedy™ Ultraviolet Light Water Purification System, and what benefits does it provide?
The Remedy™ UV Water Purification System is a patented and FDA-recognized infection control device that utilizes proven UV technology to purify water during the bath. Bacteria released into the water during the bath can cause serious “self-infection” risks. The Remedy™ System minimizes chances of self-infection and helps control cross-contamination risks as well.
How does the Remedy™ system kill bacteria in the water if there are “dead spaces” in the tub and contaminated water does not get circulated past the UV bulbs?

Typically, water in the bath will circulate past the UV bulbs at least five times in the course of a bath. However, in the unlikely event water in a “dead space” does not flow past the bulbs, the overall bio-load in the tub is reduced to such a level that the resident stands a greatly decreased chance of contracting an infection

Can’t contaminated water get caught within the internal whirlpool plumbing even with the Remedy™ UV System?
No. Not only do Apollo’s whirlpools come equipped with dispensing systems to completely clean and disinfect the whirlpool lines, our systems are certified to strict plumbing standards. This means virtually no residual water is left in the whirlpool lines after a bath. In fact, closed loop air spas can retain significantly more water than our whirlpool systems.
If we buy an Apollo bathing system, do we need to use only your solutions?
Our solutions provide significant benefits compared to other products on the market and offer outstanding return on your investment. Our skin care products provide superior skin conditioning and odor elimination, and our equipment care products more effectively clean and disinfect bathing system surfaces. All of our bathing products are formulated to enhance the effectiveness of our patented Remedy® Ultraviolet Light Water Purification System, contributing to your facility’s overall bottom line.
Do I need to disinfect my tub between baths if it is equipped with the Remedy™ Ultraviolet Light Water Purification System?
You do not necessarily need to disinfect your Remedy equipped bathing system between baths, but you need to clean it with Turbo Clean™ tub cleaner (see above). In extensive studies swab samples taken from various bathing systems showed that cleaning tubs equipped with the Remedy™ UV water purification system cultured about 1/3 of the harmful pathogens as other tubs. Facilities may choose to adjust this protocol depending upon the profile of the resident(s) being bathed, but studies show Remedy system-equipped whirlpools cleaned between each bath with Turbo Clean culture significantly fewer remaining bacteria than other systems that have been chemically disinfected.
What is the difference between Power Clean™ Pre-Disinfectant Surface Cleaner and Turbo Clean™ Bathing System Cleaner?
Power Clean™ surface cleaner is primarily used for any bathing system without an automatic dispensing system or for any surface requiring the pre-cleaning step before disinfection. Turbo Clean™ tub cleaner is used with bathing systems equipped with automatic systems to back flush the whirlpool lines. Turbo Clean™ is especially effective for systems equipped with the Remedy® ultra violet water purification system.
How do Power Clean™ Pre-Disinfectant Cleaner and Turbo Clean™ Bathing System Cleaner differ from Cid A L™ II Quaternary Disinfectant?
Power Clean™ and Turbo Clean™ are not quaternary disinfectants, but are used for the “pre-cleaning” step in the disinfection process. Most disinfectants on the market are called one-step cleaners/disinfectants, but are not designed to handle all of the bacteria and bio-load left behind on a tub after a bath. Turbo Clean™ and Power Clean™ remove these gross soils so the disinfectant can be more effective.