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When it comes to bath time in a long-term care facility, sometimes it can be seen as a chore for both staff and residents. There is a lot of work that goes into helping someone take a bath, especially if the bather has limited mobility or needs extra help. While the primary purpose of bathing is to maintain good hygiene, LTC facilities are beginning to recognize the additional benefits of spa bathing for its therapeutic qualities and to give residents an opportunity to relax. So, how do you turn bath time into an enjoyable spa experience?

Create a Quiet Atmosphere

The first step is to examine the environment of your bathing area. A stark and sterile room that is cold and uninviting will keep residents on edge. By creating a warm and soothing environment, residents will feel at home and find it easier to focus on feeling comfortable. Ideally, the room should be decorated in warm colors and the lights turned down to a moderate level. If it all possible, the room should also be sound-proofed so that external noises do not interfere with the bathing experience. Some additional enhancements to try would be aromatherapy, soft music, and warm towels.

The Right Spa Makes a Difference

Getting in and out of the spa tub can be the most difficult part of the bathing experience. For those with limited mobility, this is the most scary and humiliating aspect of bath time as staff members need to be more hands on to provide assistance. As such, a standard spa bathing tub is not appropriate.

The best solution to create an enjoyable and relaxing spa bathing experience is to use an end-entry bathing system such as the Advantage™ End-Entry Seated Bathing System from Apollo Corporation. Because it makes getting in and out of the spa tub significantly easier with its patented Level Glide™ Transfer System, residents don’t have to face the daunting challenge of scary hoists or lifts just to get in the bathtub.

In addition to making entrance to the tub easier, the Advantage™ Bathing System provides a therapeutic bathing experience. It can be configured as an air spa or FDA Class II whirlpool hydrotherapy spa. The continuous flow of warm water will help soothe aches and pains and increase blood circulation. Other benefits of hydrotherapy include healing of sore or injured tissue, improved sleep, and an increased general sense of well-being.

In Conclusion

If you want your residents and staff to enjoy their bath time, then consider taking the time and effort to transform your bathing room into a spa room. With warm inviting colors, soft music, aromatherapy, and a spa bathing system that is easy to use, your residents will be happier, healthier, and look forward to their bath time.

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