Here’s an interesting statistic: a study conducted by the American Family Physician revealed that about one-third of all deaths in people who are 65 years and older can be attributed to infectious diseases. Urinary tract infections, in particular, are the most common. 

The leading causes for the emergence and spread of such infections include poor hygiene practices, especially in assisted living facilities. Therefore, staff must take the necessary precautions when dealing with patients for proper nursing home sanitation. These precautions are essential when many older adults live together and do not have robust immune systems. 

Apollo Bath recognizes this need and incorporates cutting-edge infection control into our products. With modular architecture, this customization enables you to meet the needs of residents and staff members in long-term care and nursing home facilities. 

Keep reading to learn more about Apollo Bath bathing systems and how they ease sanitation for care facilities.

The Impact of Improper Nursing Home Sanitation on Bathing Systems

A caregiver cleaning an Apollo Bath tub with proper nursing home sanitation practices.

As a long-term care facility, your main aim is to provide compassionate and safe senior care with the proper tools and equipment. When purchasing this equipment, you should consider various factors, including elderly bathing solutions. 

With bathing solutions, it’s important to employ proper hygiene practices regularly. Otherwise, they could be breeding grounds for bacteriophage that could easily cause illness to the nursing home residents. 

Here’s a quick overview of the dangers of poor sanitation in bathing systems.

Reduced Quality of Life

The ability of seniors to bathe on their own can restore their autonomy and self-esteem. It’s also a morale boost for them, knowing that they still have some energy left and can live a healthy and happy life. 

However, when their ability to practice proper personal hygiene is hindered or taken away from them, they can be susceptible to depression and low self-esteem. This kind of reduced quality of life among seniors in a care facility beats their primary purpose.

Exposure to Infections

Residents become more prone to illness and infection as they age. As a result, it is critical to safeguard the most vulnerable patients in your care due to pre-existing conditions and other health factors. 

Bathing, especially in unsanitary environments, presents numerous challenges in terms of infection prevention. The combination of hot water and pathogens brought into the bath by bathers also creates a breeding ground for harmful bacteria to grow.

Depending on the bathing system, small amounts of contaminated water left in the bath can sit for extended periods, like in the drain lines. This then causes bacteria to grow and potentially spread to the next patient who uses the bath.

Features of Apollo Bathing Systems

A caregiver helping an elderly patient into an Apollo Bathing system with a transfer.

Apollo Bath bathing systems enable seniors to practice hygiene in the most comfortable and safe environments. With state-of-the-art architecture, they do not require the employment of external cleaning service companies. 

Additionally, they make cleaning and sanitation easy for care facilities. Below are some of the features that make this possible.

Infection Control

Apollo Bath bathing systems are FDA-approved and feature Remedy® UV technology, a germicidal water purification system, for infection control. Because the UV light system kills bacteria and viruses in water, the technology can cut UTIs by half and respiratory infections by three-quarters. 

This bathing system can also make your residents healthier and safer. In senior care facilities, UV water purifiers have improved infection control. The UVC intensity in the Solares Spa Bathing System™ is 50% higher than in the original Remedy germicidal water purification system.  

Built for Comfort

The Apollo Bath systems allow long-term care patients to enter the tub via a comfortable, secure chair. Patients bathe while seated, which reduces back strain and bending. 

The chair is also movable, allowing access to all areas of the patient’s body. You can glide the chair into and out of the bathing system. This design ultimately eliminates common hazards associated with overhead lifts.

Additionally, Apollo Bath designs reduce the risk of caregiver injury. Bathing people for an extended period can result in back strains and injuries. The lift transfer and adaptable features reduce such risks. 

The Solares Spa Bathing System® features are simple to use for caregivers.

In a nutshell, Apollo Bath configuration tools alleviate the burdens and stress associated with bathing seniors. This increases the incentive to provide frequent baths and high-quality services in your facility.

Safety Measures

Residents who use traditional tubs report frequent skin tears due to difficulty getting into the tub. The whirlpool in Apollo Bath bathing systems mitigates this risk. Additionally, the in-built disinfection systems reduce and eliminate the possibility of infection among seniors. 

Apollo Baths leaves no residual water thanks to quality plumbing standards, making it highly hygienic.

Improve Your Nursing Facility Quality of Care With Apollo Bath

A long-term caregiver holding the hand of a patient.

For over 40 years, Apollo Bath has been the industry leader and champion of innovation in bathing systems, infection control, and skincare, serving the needs of long-term care and senior care professionals while delighting their residents. 

We have an online ordering feature and reference materials on our website, allowing us to serve our customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Contact us today for more information on how Apollo Bath can assist your long-term care facility.

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