Infection Control in elderly care facilities

Germs are a part of everyday life. They exist anywhere and everywhere. However, three factors need to be present for infections to occur:

  • A source: an infection could be anywhere germs can live, including countertops and bathrooms. Germs even exist on human skin and live in the food we eat.
  • Susceptibility: this is a way that germs enter the body. Some people (immunocompromised) are more likely to suffer infections than others.
  • Transmission: this is how germs transfer from person to person or from surface to person.

In order to ensure the well-being and safety of all those who live in care facilities, staff must take proper precautions when dealing with germs. With so many people living together, there’s always a potential risk for exposure or infection due to breaches like dirty hands, leading to one person picking up an illness and spreading it to others.

Regular handwashing is one of the most effective methods for reducing infection rates, but it’s not enough to ensure a safe and sanitary care facility. While proper handwashing can drastically reduce harmful bacteria such as MRSA or CPE (Clostridium perfringens), facilities must take many more precautions to ensure residents stay healthy. Our team at Apollo Bath recognizes this need and implements state-of-the-art infection control into our products.

Fluid Waste Disposal

Fluid Waste disposal is a high-risk point for the contraction and spread of germs and disease. It’s important to have protection to help deter transmission installed in your facility to handle fluid waste disposal safely.

Products like the Apollo Shield™ Splash Guard protect you from unwanted exposure to germs and infections when you dispose of waste fluids down a sink. The guard, which can be attached to almost any sink, is installed in minutes and lasts for years.

The flexible guard is made from synthetic copolymer material and can withstand movement and be wiped clean in a matter of seconds.

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