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Level Glide™ Transfer System:

the Easy and Safe Way to Move Residents.

When caretakers are involved in a series of lifts on their own, or are required to use an overhead apparatus to move a resident into a tub, they put themselves and residents at risk for injury. Transferring and lifting residents in this way is not just inefficient, it’s uncomfortable and dangerous. 

Apollo has the safer alternative to traditional lifts.

With the Level Glide™ Transfer System, transporting non-ambulatory residents is simple. Instead of multiple lifts and transfers, you need only transfer the resident into the Level Glide chair, wheel into the bathing area, glide into the bath, and then return them to their room when bathing is finished. Designed to minimize dangerous lifts and restore dignity to the bathing process, Level Glide simultaneously increases resident comfort while improving caretaker satisfaction. Even more? Level Glide results in liability reduction by reducing the risk of lift-related injuries, and thereby the cost associated with those injuries.

Want to reduce lifts and transfers at your facility?

The Level Glide Transfer System is the perfect addition to any Apollo Seated Bathing System and can minimize the number of transfers in your facility. For even more reduction in transfers, consider adding our Mobile Digital Scale. It works in tandem with the Level Glide Transfer System to weigh as you transport patients.

See the Level Glide™ Transfer System in action

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