Mobile Digital Scale

Weigh residents while they’re being transferred.


During a typical day, there are several times you’ll lift and transfer patients. Why add more strain and risk just for weighing?

Apollo’s Mobile Digital Scale eliminates the multiple transfers of other weighing systems and collects the readings you need as you transfer residents to their baths. Working in tandem with the Level Glide™ Transfer System, the Mobile Digital Scale:

  • Is water resistant
  • Is easy to calibrate
  • Has dual load cells to increase accuracy
  • Weighs in pounds or kilograms
  • Has an automatic shut-off to conserve battery life
  • Includes a last-weight recall feature

With all the features you need to accurately and safely weigh residents, we wouldn’t be surprised if you wanted to use this as your primary means of weighing. We encourage you to do so.

Interested in a Mobile Digital Scale? Mobile Digital Scale works with the Level Glide™ Transfer System on the Advantage™ Seated Bathing System. Contact us to order yours.

See the Mobile Digital Scale in operation

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