Apollo Cream™


Product Description

For incontinence care, Apollo Cream™ is used to relieve itching and soothe irritation caused by draining wounds, urine scald, diarrheal skin breakdown, diaper rash, perspiration irritation, heat rash, or for dry skin, psoriasis, eczema or chaffing.


  • Helps urine and perspiration breakdown, ammonia dermatitis, and protects skin from incontinence & wound drainage
  • Helps promote healing with natural vitamins A & D and purified natural bees wax
  • Applies smoothly and absorbs quickly, leaving no greasy residue

Additional Information

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Incontinence/Body Waste
• Urine scald
• Diaper rash
• Diarrheal skin breakdown
• Rectal itch
• Saliva drool
• Perspiration irritation
• Prickly heat rash

Burns and Bites
• Minor cuts and scrapes
• Minor burns
• Psoriasis – soothes itching
• Soothing relief for X-ray / chemotherapy skin reactions
• Insect bites – relieves itching

Surgical Sites
• Ostomy care – before using skin barriers, appliances, etc.
• Itching under tapes and adhesives
• Over porous (paper) tapes – offers continued relief without affecting adherence
• Surgical Incisions – reduces itching and pulling discomforts
• Around draining wounds
• Around decubitus sites
• Prior to applying a cast

Dry Skin
• Discomfort of cold sores
• Chapped lips
• Chapped hands
• Cuticle cream
• Psoriasis and eczema – soothes itching and discomfort
• Behind-the-ear irritation from eye glasses
• Sensitive nose due to cold/hayfever
• Moisturizer/foundation under cosmetics

• Massage vehicle on pressure prone areas
• Massage vehicle for tired, aching feet
• Anti-embolism stockings – use before and after putting stockings on – won’t affect elastic


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