Gerisol™ Lanolin Free Bath Oil


Product Description

Gerisol™ Lanolin Free Bath Oil may be applied directly to residents’ skin or added to bathwater. It relieves itching from dry, pruritic skin, controls cradle cap and dandruff, and locks in moisture to make skin smooth, soft, and pliable. With an appealing light vanilla fragrance, Gerisol™ Lanolin Free Bath Oil also includes tropical extracts including aloe vera, grape seed, jojoba and avocado.

  • Gentle formulation
  • Natural oil extracts
  • Locks in moisture and restores dry skin

Bathing and Showers
• Add to bath for skin conditioning
• Rub into wet skin after bath or shower

Dry, Scaly Scalp
• Massage into wet scalp

Other Uses
• Daily moisturizer after hand washing


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