Hygena™ Foam: Luxurious Foaming Shampoo & Body Wash

Hygena™ Foam: Luxurious Foaming Shampoo & Body Wash

  • Provides a luxurious bathing experience
  • Practical for all of your hygiene needs (showering, bathing, handwashing, etc.)
  • Leaves skin feeling smooth and healthy
  • Free of fillers to provide you with more bang for your buck

Our Hygena™ Foam: Luxurious Foaming Shampoo & Body Wash is a favorite among long-term care facilities everywhere. The soap is free of the many fillers found in competing products, allowing a more thorough rinse. The result? A relaxing bathing experience that leaves behind no residue. Users also appreciate the innovative dispensing mechanism. One pump delivers a rich foam, meaning you use less soap and ensure your product lasts as long as possible. You’ll marvel at how long you can go without reordering! Not that a reorder won’t set you back — we have affordable bottles in all the sizes you need.

Wondering where your residents can use this soap? Many seniors use it in the shower, which was the product’s original intent. However, it has since become popular for baths and everyday handwashing. Residents and caregivers love that they can depend on Hygena™ Foam: Luxurious Foaming Shampoo & Body Wash for various purposes. No matter what you use our product for, you can expect a luxurious experience. Bathing with this soap is a real treat after a long day, though it can also make a shower or even handwashing feel glamorous. Ready for your residents to experience the difference Hygena™ Foam: Luxurious Foaming Shampoo & Body Wash makes? Add it to your cart today! You’ll have a hard time finding a more affordable, practical, and luxurious product anywhere else.

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  • Rich, luxurious foaming body wash
  • Originally formulated for use in showers, but may be used when bathing in a tub and for daily hygiene
  • Dispensed as a rich foam so you use less product
  • Less fillers than other body washes so it rinses more completely

Additional information

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Bathing and Showers
• Shampoo
• Body Wash

Odor Control
• Bowel movements
• Urine
• Emesis

Other uses
• Daily hand wash
• Bedside hygiene


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