Hygena™ RTU: Select Odor Eliminating Body Wash & Shampoo

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Product Description

  • Multi-purpose body wash that may be used in bathing systems or for daily hygiene
  • Similar to Hygena™ Original in a “Ready To Use” formula
  • Contains more odor eliminating ingredients than other brands of body washes
  • Less fillers than other brands of body wash so it rinses more completely and tends not to re-deposit on tub surfaces


**When ordering 10 cases or more of Hygena™ RTU, you qualify for a free Soap & Bath Oil Dispenser, which will be shipped with your order.**

Additional Information

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Bathing and Showers
• Shampoo
• Body Wash

Odor Control
• Bowel movements
• Urine
• Emesis

Other uses
• Daily hand wash
• Bedside hygiene


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