Therasol™ Natural Bath Oil & Skin Conditioner

Therasol™ Natural Bath Oil & Skin Conditioner is the best choice for when you need a moisturizer both during and after your bath. With natural oils meant to retain the water naturally in your body, you will not find a skin conditioner that can do better than Therasol™. The conditioner disperses completely in bathwater to ensure that your entire body is uniformly moisturized. Massage it into your scalp after washing your hair, or massage it into your dry skin to help relieve irritation or itching throughout the day. For a warm afterbath, apply the conditioner to your damp body after a bath or shower to block out the external chill. Never again will you have to worry about the uncomfortable irritation caused by the harsh chemicals that can be found in soaps when you incorporate Therasol™ into your routine.


Product Description

  • Therasol™ Natural Bath Oil & Skin Conditioner softens and conditions your body for an everyday silky smoothness in 8 oz., ½ gallon and 1-gallon bottles; so you can confidently wear whatever you desire, worry-free.
  • You will not have to worry about harmful chemicals from other soaps penetrating the dermal blood barrier as the natural oils can fully cleanse on their own.
  • The oils will lock in your natural (and excess) moisture from the air after your bath or shower to prevent that uncomfortable chill; then you can witness a perfect and comforting afterbath warmth.
  • The conditioner can be used in a large variety of ways depending on your needs; from massages to shaving, and much more with this one-size fits-all product.

Additional Information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

Bathing and Showers
• Apply immediately after bathing to maintain skin moisture
• Cleans skin without soap

Skin Conditioning
• Dry skin
• Pruritic skin
• Sensitive geriatric skin
• Flaky or scaly scalps
• Scaly feet
• Beneficial for all skin types


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