Therasol™ Natural Bath Oil & Skin Conditioner


Product Description

Healthy, elastic skin helps protect against breakdown that can lead to infection, dermatitis and other skin disease. Therasol™ Natural Bath Oil & Skin Conditioner from Apollo helps keep skin healthy. An excellent cleanser, Therasol™ Natural Bath Oil & Skin Conditioner also is ideal for cleansing residents confined to bed. Use Therasol™ Natural Bath Oil & Skin Conditioner and in essence, support nature’s own defense against skin breakdown.


  • Softens and conditions skin
  • Cleans skin without soap
  • Ready to use

Additional Information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

Bathing and Showers
• Apply immediately after bathing to maintain skin moisture
• Cleans skin without soap

Skin Conditioning
• Dry skin
• Pruritic skin
• Sensitive geriatric skin
• Flaky or scaly scalps
• Scaly feet
• Beneficial for all skin types


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Apollo has been the industry leader and champion of innovation in bathing systems, infection control and skincare for over 40 years, serving the needs of Long Term Care and Senior Care professionals while delighting their residents.

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