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 What is UVC and How does it work?

Ultraviolet (UV) light is one form of electromagnetic energy produced naturally by the sun. UV is a spectrum of light just below the visible light and it is split into four distinct spectral areas –Vacuum UV or UVV(100 to 200 nm), UVC(200 to 280 nm), UVB(280 to 315 nm) and UVA(315 to 400 nm). What is Ultraviolet C? The entire UV spectrum can kill or inactivate many microorganism species, preventing them from replicating. UVC energy at 253.7 nanometers provides the most germicidal effect. The application of UVC energy to inactivate microorganisms is also known as Germicidal Irradiation or UVGI.

UVC exposure inactivates microbial organisms such as bacteria and viruses by altering the structure and the molecular bonds of their DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid). DNA is a “blueprint” these organisms use to develop, function and reproduce. By destroying the organism’s ability to reproduce, it becomes harmless since it cannot colonize. After UVC exposure, the organism dies off leaving no offspring and the population of the microorganism diminishes rapidly. Ultraviolet germicidal lamps provide a much more powerful and concentrated effect of ultraviolet energy than can be found naturally. Germicidal UV provides a highly effective method of destroying microorganisms.

Cycloid™ UVC Large Room Disinfection Unit

The Cycloid™ UVC unit is smart, effective and safe for your staff and facility. The Cycloid uses intelligent UVC dosing technology, accounting for environmental variables, to deliver an accurate and reliable dose of germicidal ultraviolet C energy every time. Irradiate harmful pathogens in your care facility knowing that the Cycloid is over 99.9% effective at killing viruses and bacteria.

  • Enhance manual cleaning procedures with “no touch,” disinfection solutions.
  • Take the human error out of terminal cleaning.
  • Intelligent UVC dosing technology takes into account environmental variables of the treatment area, delivering an accurate and reliable dose of germicidal ultraviolet C energy every time
  • 99% effective at killing Viruses and Bacteria
  • 15 – 95-Watt bulbs for total output of 1425 Watts
  • 16 foot “kill” radius (32’ by 32’ room)

Candela™ UVC Wall Mount Room Disinfection Unit

The Candela™ UVC wall mount room disinfection device is our most powerful unit that is focused in a concentrated pattern. The wall mounted model is very effective resulting in fast turnaround time of the treated area. Use in areas most frequented: dining areas, work our areas, spa bathing areas, entryways, and many more.

  • Easy to install – simply utilize the mounting bracket provided
  • Easy to Use – comes with 3-button remote
  • Safe – Dual motion technology
  • Utilize more than one unit at a time – Ability to link multiple units with wireless communication
  • 16’ “kill” radius of harmful viruses and bacteria


Roulette™ UVC Small/Medium Room Disinfection Unit

The Roulette™ UVC disinfection device is specifically designed for maximum effectiveness, ease of use, and one of the most efficient solutions for all infection control. Each unit is capable of treating up to a 400 square foot room (20’ by 20’). This is a two-piece unit designed for mobility and treatment of many different types of rooms or areas. Simply roll it from room to room on its casters or detach from the casters for easy mobility into transport vehicles and many more applications.

  • Easy to deploy and set up – simple 120V plug in and remote turn on/off
  • Stainless steel cage for Emitter/bulb protection
  • 9 – 95-watt bulbs for a total of 855-watt output!
  • 2 – Piece construction for easy mobility
  • Wireless communication with supplied remote

Blaze™ UVC Disinfection Chamber

The Blaze Chamber will compliment your existing workflow processes for infection control. The Blaze is designed to treat high touch items that are in a facility or enter your facility by staff or visitors. Treat such items like iPads, cell phones, Stethoscopes, eye wear, communication devices, face shields and other PPE items in under 2 minutes!

  • 99.999% effective at killing viruses and bacteria
  • 6 – UV bulbs (3 on top and 3 on bottom)
  • Auto Shut off timer
  • Transparent viewing window
  • Integrated cooling fan



The Shield™ Splash Guard

Apollo’s Service Sink Splash Guard, The Shield™, is the most efficient and economical product on the market to protect your staff from exposure to spattering waste that harbors pathogens. When used as part of a PPE system for infectious waste handling, it provides an effective splash barrier over most of the body.

The Shield™ Splash Guard simply affixes to the front edge of all makes of service sinks. New installation may be completed in minutes and it is readily removed for service as needed. It may be cleaned and disinfected in place. The splash guard flexes for staff comfort and is transparent for good visibility. The Shield is extremely sturdy and typically provides years of rigorous use.


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