Rapid Fill™ Reservoir

Fill your tub in 90 seconds.
Seriously: it’s faster than showering.

Bathing is a lot of work: coordinating bath schedules and getting patients bathed quickly and safely while ensuring their comfort is a lot to manage. Because this process has traditionally been complicated, you might be tempted to give residents a shower because it seems quicker.

With Apollo’s Rapid Fill™ Reservoir you can say goodbye to the traffic jam at the bathing station.

Unlike a shower, which sacrifices resident comfort and caregiver safety for speed, or a regular tub that provides comfort but no efficiency, the Rapid Fill™ Reservoir provides the speed, safety, and comfort you need during resident bathing. With the Rapid Fill™ Reservoir, caregivers can give twice as many baths in one day as they can with conventional tubs.

How it works:

Rapid Fill™ Reservoir automatically fills while you bathe one resident, then quickly fills the tub for the next bath when you’re ready, in 90 seconds. Water in the reservoir is always warm (it loses only one degree Fahrenheit per hour) so there’s no waiting for the water to get up to temperature.

With Rapid Fill™ Reservoir, your bathtub is ready to be used when you’re ready to use it. Now all you have to worry about is what to do with all the extra time you’ll have on your hands.

Interested in a Rapid Fill™ Reservoir? Contact us to order an Advantage™ Seated Bathing System or retro-fit your current Apollo Advantage with a Rapid Fill™ Reservoir.

See the time saving benefits of the Rapid Fill™ Reservoir

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