The Apollo Remedy™ Ultraviolet Water Purification System

 Infection control technology that produces measurable results

Only Apollo offers bathing systems with an FDA-recognized, germicidal water purification system for continuous infection control. A study by the Medical College of Pennsylvania (see insert for details) shows the dramatic levels of bacteria that a bather brings to their own bath and proves the efficacy of UV purification at disinfecting the bathwater during the bath. Residents can readily self-infect during showering or bathing when water puts the bacteria on their bodies in motion and they can enter natural body openings, wounds, mucous membranes and be inhaled in water vapor. Apollo’s ultraviolet water purification has been clinically proven to reduce UTIs by 50% and Respiratory Infections by 35%. New users of the Remedy UV system regularly report an immediate drop in infection rates. Our infection control technology delivers rapid return on investment while creating a healthier, happier resident population. See our Ultraviolet Light Pathogen study if you’re interested in a scientific deep dive into how our technology effectively kills bacteria.

How does UV-C light work in our bathing systems?

Apollo’s Remedy™ UV water purifier operates simply and automatically. From the moment the whirlpool motor is turned on, the whirlpool continuously circulates the bathwater through Remedy’s ultraviolet disinfecting chambers. This exposure to UV-C light penetrates and destroys pathogens, significantly reducing the risk for infection.

The Apollo Remedy™ Reviews

The Apollo tub with remedy UV infection control systems has helped our facility to reduce infections since we installed the tub 8 years ago. Recently our rate of infections started to rise. After we consulted with our Apollo rep, Doug Jones, he recommended only using the Apollo skin care and cleaning solutions. We, for a period of time, had gotten away from using only Apollo products. We stopped using the various bath and body products that resident families brought in, and went to strictly using the Apollo products. We are happy to report that our rate of infections has come back down.

We would highly recommend the Apollo Bathing System with Remedy UV systems and Apollo Solutions for any nursing facility.

~Logan Manor Nursing Facility

I just completed reviewing my infection control log and my skin log. I checked infections prior to installing the new Apollo tub with UV action and I am excited to say that we are definitely doing something right. UTI’s—residents with a UTI previous to installing tub averaged 1.5 per month. This has gone down to .5 right now as we haven’t had anyone with a UTI in December and the one infection we had was a resident with chronic infections that does not drink water well.

~Heartland Park Senior Living

Get the Remedy UV Water Purifier in your bathing systems

All Apollo Spas may be configured with our UV infection control technology. Already have an Apollo Spa but didn’t purchase the UV option? Good news – If you have the whirlpool configuration of Apollo Advantage™ or Essence™ Bathing Spa, it can be upgraded with the Remedy UV water purification system.  

Apollo has been the industry leader and champion of innovation in bathing systems, infection control and skincare for over 40 years, serving the needs of Long Term Care and Senior Care professionals while delighting their residents.

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