Seat Cushion’s That Protect

Seat Cushions are worth it, but are sometimes left out.

Often our butts take a backseat and a simple cushion or gel pad could provide great benefits.  We often don’t think about the importance of seat comfort, fit, or stability until we are downright sore, uncomfortable, or worse, stuck.  Transfer chairs in senior living communities are no exception.  Like wheelchairs, transfer chairs need to accommodate proper height and width dimensions to adequately support safe and comfortable transfers. 

A senior man smiling in a wheelchair next to his caregiver.

No one likes to talk about the seat.

So, let’s focus on the seat itself.  And think of a seat through the spectrum of a Senior Citizen.  Apollo Bath is focused on Seniors!  Apollo considers seat design in all our tubs and transfer chairs because we know the importance to design with safety and comfort.  Accessories can have a big impact.  Things like foot supports, cushions and arm supports all work together.

chairpad Artwork Apollo Gel cushion 2

A few things to consider.

  • Does the seat support the pelvis? Or just the back?
  • Does the seat have the proper height? Too high and your feet will dangle which causes a number of issues.  If too low, it can be a hazard to get your knees and hips to go get down to the seat.  Not to mention the difficulty of getting back up.  ADA bench height recommendations
  • Is it ADA-compliant? Typically 17” to 19” high is the target.
  • In order to support the buttocks, it’s helpful to support the feet. Adding a footrest as seen on the level glide transfer system or in the Advantage Bathing System tub.  We recommend using a footrest or our foot care platform that fits in the tub frame.600048 foot care platform
  • Cushions are another great option. There are many shapes and sizes available and many different materials to consider—foam, latex, and gel to name a few.  Cushions are a topic for discussion by themselves.  In addition to comfort and support, safety is another crucial thing to consider.
  • If a surface is slippery, or maybe rough.  We use the Deluxe Gel Pad for our transfer chairs.  And some use two.  The Deluxe Gel Pads are great for comfort, as well as safety.  They help keep the resident from slipping while protecting them from skin tears.

Next time you buy an office chair, couch, bench, or even a bathtub, design matters.  Remember ergonomics matter.  Your butt will thank you. s

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