Essence™ Spas Side-Entry Seated Bathing Systems

Whirlpool Hydrotherapy


All Apollo bathing systems are configurable as an air spa or FDA Class II whirlpool hydrotherapy spa. A relaxing hydrotherapy bath provides a broad range of therapeutic health benefits.


Remedy Ultraviolet Water Purifier

Apollo’s ultraviolet water purification technology delivers comprehensive infection protection, clinically proven to reduce UTIs by 50% and Respiratory Infections by 35%.

Earth-Tone Granite Color option

The Essence is available in classic white or an earth-tone granite color scheme with brushed nickel fixtures.

Introducing the Essence™ Spas Side-Entry Seated Bathing System

If you’re looking for a bathing system that combines premium care features with beautiful spa aesthetics, look no further. The Apollo Essence™ was designed to complement the contemporary residential appearance of today’s assisted living facilities simultaneously providing health-sustaining features including hydrotherapy and premium infection control, all in a safe, comfortable and easy-to-use bathing experience for residents and caregivers.

When we engineered the Essence™ Spa, we refused to cut corners. This side-entry system was designed to provide years of reliable service, be easy to use and maintain, and provide an outstanding return on investment for your facility.

Safety and comfort meet easy-to-use

The Essence Spa features a 40” wide door for safe and easy entry. While generally catering to an ambulatory population, the Essence can be configured for use with various transfer systems/lifts and accommodates residents up to 500 pounds.  For space efficiency, the door opens by retracting inside the tub, taking up no room space for a large door swing, all with push-button powered control and whisper-quiet operation.   Protection against scalding and temperature variations is assured with the high-quality, hydrostatic temperature control valve and a thermometer monitoring water temperature.

Therapeutic hydrotherapy with Every Bath

All Apollo bathing systems are configurable as an air spa or FDA Class II whirlpool hydrotherapy spa. An enjoyable, relaxing hydrotherapy bath provides a broad range of therapeutic health benefits.  The whirlpool provides continuous circulation of warm water over the body and massages the skin, joints and muscles while dilating blood vessels. Hydrotherapy has been shown to increase blood circulation and endorphin production (the body’s natural pain relievers), reduce anxiety, stabilize blood sugar levels, aide wound debridement, support a healthy immune system, reduce inflammation, promote healing and energize the body and spirit.  Providing residents with whirlpool bathing as part of their regular hygiene regimen provides the restorative and holistic health maintenance benefits of hydrotherapy with each bath and dramatic impact to their overall health and quality of life. Your business will enjoy substantive competitive advantage and rapid return on investment.

Thanks so much for setting up the Apollo Tub for us and giving our staff the in-service on the function and disinfecting of the tub. This tub has been extremely beneficial to our staff and residents and helped us with improving our Quality outcomes in several clinical areas.”

Eureka Nursing Center

Remedy® UV Germicidal Water Purification

Only Apollo offers bathing systems with an FDA-approved, germicidal water purification system for continuous infection control during every bath. A study by the Medical College of Pennsylvania shows the dramatic levels of bacteria that a bather brings to their own bath and proves the efficacy of UV purification at disinfecting the bath water during the bath1. Apollo’s ultraviolet water purification technology delivers unrivaled infection protection, clinically proven to reduce UTIs by 50% and Respiratory Infections by 35%1.  Our infection control technology delivers rapid return on investment while creating a healthier, happier resident population.

Comfortable, Ergonomic Design

Caregivers will appreciate the Essence Spa’s thoughtful design features.  Easy access to controls and the bather reduce bending and back strain. Residents enjoy the comfort of lumbar support and an ADA compliant seat height.  The seat shape allows for good water flow around the perineum for better hygiene.

Improved Skin Integrity

Skin care is vital to a resident’s health and well-being. For this reason, we include an integrated dispensing system on all Apollo Spas. The dispensing system makes Apollo’s high quality shampoo and body wash and bath oil conveniently accessible to the caregiver to keep skin clean, hydrated, and healthy.  (Add hyperlinks to Hygena and Therasol here)  Apollo’s bath care products are UV light transmissible to assure continuous reliability of the Remedy UV water purification system.

Easy Operation, Cleaning, and Maintenance

All Apollo Spas are easy to clean and maintain. Each comes standard with an integrated cleaning system that automatically mixes and dispenses a cleaner and a disinfectant into the tub for surface cleaning by brush and flushes and disinfects the internal plumbing for comprehensive disinfection. In addition, Essence Spas feature access panels to facilitate routine inspection and maintenance. Our parts are easy to obtain direct from our web store or via phone orders with same-day shipping, allowing on-site maintenance personnel to keep your Spa in top condition. And if you need our help, Apollo offers high quality documentation and technical service phone support.  On-site repair is available on a fee for service basis.

Beauty Meets Function

The Essence Spa features many elements of contemporary styling including sweeping contours, handsome fixtures and contemporary color choices.  Many architects prefer classic white to accommodate future room redesigns and color updates.  We also offer a beautiful and warm earth-tone granite color scheme with brushed nickel fixtures.  While features for bathing are all easily accessible, maintenance features like the cleaning and disinfecting controls, are enclosed in a cabinet to maintain clean aesthetic appeal for the bather.

Configuration Options

All Apollo Spas feature modular options that allow you to customize the Spa to accommodate your needs entirely and adjust as your requirements change.

Air Spa or Whirlpool Spa

The Essence Air Spa features twelve evenly distributed air outlets to envelop the bather in bubbles inducing relaxation and relieving tension. The integrated cleaning and disinfecting system flushes and disinfects all air lines followed by an air purge to assure compliance to a comprehensive disinfection protocol.

With the Essence Whirlpool Spa, three strategically positioned jets provide the true hydrotherapy that only the water circulation of a whirlpool can offer. Hydrotherapy is especially beneficial for residents with depressed circulatory and/or cognitive systems. All internal plumbing is sanitized by the cleaning and disinfecting system.

Remedy® UV Water Purification

As an available option for all Apollo Whirlpool Spas, our FDA-approved, germicidal water purification system provides continuous infection control during every bath. Apollo’s ultraviolet water purification technology is clinically proven to reduce UTIs by 50% and Respiratory Infections by 35%.

Color scheme

Choose classic white with chrome fixtures or earth-tone granite with brushed nickel fixtures.

Room configurations

The Essence™ Spa features optional side and back panels to support a variety of placement configurations to meet the space requirements of your facility.

  • Left Corner
  • Right Corner
  • Back Wall
  • Side Wall
  • Alcove
  • Free standing
1 DISINFECTION OF CIRCULATING WATER SYSTEMS BY ULTRAVIOLET LIGHT AND HALOGENATIONRICHARD W. GILPIN, et al.Department of Microbiology and Immunology and Department of Community and Preventive Medicine, The Medical College of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA 19129, U.S.A.

Experience the Essence Spa Yourself

Contact Apollo to arrange a convenient, no-obligation Spa consultation, demonstration or quote.

Apollo has been the industry leader and champion of innovation in bathing systems, infection control and skincare for over 40 years, serving the needs of Long Term Care and Senior Care professionals while delighting their residents.


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