Skin Care Essentials

Essentials for You, Your Staff and Your Residents

More than 40 years of experience have gone into developing Apollo’s premium skincare essentials. Our leading quality skincare products are specifically formulated with sensitive skin and skin integrity in mind. Our products address every need, from hygiene and odor control to maintaining healthy, resilient skin and restoring damaged areas.

Apollo skincare essentials are designed to care for your bathing spas, too, leaving no residues to build up and trap contaminants. In addition, all are UV-light transmissible for full compatibility with the Remedy® germicidal water purifier

Premium Ingredients to Protect and Rejuvenate

The quality and make-up of skincare products make a vast difference in outcomes. The premium ingredients used in all of our lotions, bath oils, body washes, and shampoos offer the very best in skincare. Our skincare products effectively rejuvenate and moisturize while providing relief and protection to irritated areas and chronic conditions.

Hygena shampoo bottle

Hygena™ Shampoo and Body Washes

provide gentle yet effective hygiene and eliminate persistent odors. Formulated to support the skin’s natural pH, rinse completely, and guard against soap dermatitis and irritation. Available in liquid form, it may be dispensed directly into bath water to create a bubble bath and aid total body hygiene. Also available as a luxurious yet economical foam in a variety of convenient dispensers.

Therasol Natural Bath Oil bottle

Therasol™ Natural Bath Oil and Skin Conditioner

effectively moisturizes skin during the bath and provides after-bath warmth as it absorbs into the skin. It disperses completely in bathwater to moisturize the entire body, condition skin, and retain moisturize.

Massage into the scalp and dry skin to help relieve irritation and itching. Apply to wet skin after showers or baths to block out chill and lock in moisture. Excellent for a wide variety of uses, including foot soaks, massages, shaving, and more.

Perine 7oz

Perine™ No-Rinse Foaming Cleanser

is a rinse-free skin cleanser for convenient hygiene without the need for water. Eliminates embedded odors and conditions skin, leaving skin feeling smooth and satiny. Perfect for bed baths. Use in conjunction with Apollo Cream for superior incontinence care.

ApolloCream 8oz

Apollo Cream™ Conditioning Barrier Cream

instantly relieves irritations from dry, cracked or irritated skin, providing effective treatment for symptoms associated with eczema, psoriasis, and incontinence. Additionally, natural moisturizers with Vitamins A & D help relieve irritated skin, while beeswax provides a protective barrier against further irritation.

Thera10 8oz

Thera 10™ Intense Moisturizing Cream and Thera 5™ Moisturizing Lotion

are formulated with urea and lactic acid (the skin’s natural humectants) to replenish skin moisture, reversing the effects of aging and dryness. Both absorb quickly, leaving no greasy residue. Our creams and lotion line are a great example of how premium formulations deliver superior results.

Thera 5 is perfect for daily use and after hand washing. Use Thera 10 to restore dry, neglected skin and problem areas such as elbows, heels, knees, and ankles. As a long-lasting moisturizing cream, it is perfect for overnight use.



Apollo offers wall dispensers for Hygena™ RTU Body Wash, Hygena™ Foam Body Wash, Hygena™ Foam Body Wash, and Therasol™ Skin Conditioner. All are reservoir-style with a visible product level for easy maintenance.

No need to wait until a cartridge runs out or throw out the unused product. Just pour in more product when the reservoir is low or set it on a regular refill schedule.

Foaming Dispensers are highly efficient as much less product is needed when dispensed as a foam. For example, dispensing only 0.7ml of product with each pump = 1400+ pumps per fill!

To order, visit our store and view the skin care product you wish to dispense. Available in kits of one or five along with a case of the skincare product. Simply select the purchase option under “Size.”

apollo bath calculator 1

Calculate your spa care and skin care essentials bathing product usage based on the number of baths given daily to estimate order timing and budgeting.

Apollo has been the industry leader and champion of innovation in bathing systems, infection control and skincare for over 40 years, serving the needs of Long Term Care and Senior Care professionals while delighting their residents.

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