Solares™ Spa Bathing System

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  • Multilingual capabilities
  • Optional weight scale
  • No rails are needed to adjust or maintain
  • Troubleshooting for power outages
  • Easy maneuverability.
  • Hip and shoulder belts
  • Removable footrests
  • Secure Glide™ Transfer System
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Introducing the Solares™ Spa Bathing System

The Solares™ Spa Bathing System offers an end-entry spa experience like no other.

The Solares Spa Bathing System offers an end-entry spa experience like no other while ensuring safety and ease. We create more than enjoyable hygiene requirements; we design our systems to give each and every resident a luxurious experience. So not only do residents leave their bathtub cleaner, but they also feel pampered.

Safety is always a priority with Apollo Bath. We have taken necessary steps with the Solares Spa Bathing System to ensure safety. This seated bathing system is designed to work with the Remedy+™ Germicidal UV water purification system. Our UV light system reduces bacteria and viruses in the water. Using our ultraviolet water purifier has been proven to improve infection control in long-term care settings and nursing homes. With 50 percent more UVC intensity than our regular Remedy germicidal water purification system.

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Benefits to the Residents

We believe older adults and other long-term care residents deserve the best a spa bathing experience can offer. The Solares spa is senior living at its finest! Some of the benefits of our hydrotherapy bathtubs include:  

  • Continuous infection prevention and control using our germicidal ultraviolet light system
  • Ease and comfort of transfer with our patient transfer device
  • Enhanced water flow for superior hygiene
  • Medical-grade gel-coated fiberglass bathing system shell offering comfort and design appeal
  • Downloadable bathing data: recording bath date and time and cleaning date and time
  • Programmable warm water temperature and fill level to the desires of the resident


Benefits to Caregivers

When designing adaptive equipment for bathing, Apollo ensures that each person experiences its high quality in each step of the process. Ease and safety for caregivers in long-term care facilities      are just as important for the Apollo Solares Spa Bathing System as comfort for the resident.

The system is designed to minimize injury to the caregiver, who can be at risk when assisting adults with bathing. Most often, injuries arise using long-term care equipment, such as from an issue    with the lift transfer devices.  

To ease the strain on the caregiver, our system includes: 

    • Multilingual capabilities (French and Spanish) if English is not the first language
    • An optional weight scale that we can build into the system
    • A non-adjusting carrier system, so no rails are needed to adjust or maintain

Not only this, but our Secure-Glide Transfer System which includes: 

    • A patented transfer sensor system, ensuring carrier is attached to the bathing system
    • Troubleshooting features in case of a power outage
    • Four swivel casters for easy maneuverability.
    • Hip and shoulder belts
    • A molded chair made of Kydex™ TMB, which is an antimicrobial material
    • Removable footrests
    • Two separate locking mechanisms to ensure the chair will not separate from the base

Configuration Options

All Apollo bathing systems have a range of configurations available, check out what else you can have on your system!


Model / Part NumberBase ModelRapid Fill© ReservoirRemedy+© Ultraviolet Water PurificationSecure Glide™ Transfer SystemDigital Weigh Scale

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