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Fiberglass Tub Shell’s Equal 1st in Quality

Raw Fiberglass Shell

News Advantage Shell Search Products Product categories Accessories ( 5 ) Air Sanitizer ( 1 ) Bathing Systems ( 1 ) Parts Parts ( 121 ) Skin Care Essentials Skin Care Essentials ( 6 ) Spa Care & Cleaning Spa Care & Cleaning products ( 2 ) Ultraviolet Light & Infection Control ( 1 ) […]

The Importance of Nursing Home Sanitation for Bathing Systems

nursing home sanitation 01

Here’s an interesting statistic: a study conducted by the American Family Physician revealed that about one-third of all deaths in people who are 65 years and older can be attributed to infectious diseases. Urinary tract infections, in particular, are the most common.  The leading causes for the emergence and spread of such infections include poor […]

All About ADA-Compliant Tubs

Someone holding their hands over a drawing of someone in a wheelchair.

Bathrooms can pose significant challenges to people with mobility issues. One of the most common problems these individuals experience is difficulty getting in and out of the bathtub. To make bathrooms accessible for everyone, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) encourages buildings to be fitted with ADA-compliant tubs.  Installing an ADA-compliant tub could be a […]

Amazing Bathing Systems Make Your Residents Happier

AN elerdrly couple happy at a long-term care facility.

  Your residents deserve ease and safety when they bathe no matter their mobility issues. Comfort and providing easy assistance to the caregiver are essential for any assisted living equipment for the bathing experience. Only premium companies can deliver a spa-like experience that will make residents feel like the kings or queens in the facilities […]

The Alarming Dangers of Patient Lifts

An elderly person holding on to a metal rail for support before bathing.

    In long-term care facilities around the country, moving a patient typically involves using a lift designed to assist patients in moving safely from the bedside to the bathtub. Patient lifts are hailed as an improvement to having caregivers manually lift patients and are widely accepted as the status quo for patient care. At […]

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