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6 helpful bathroom products for the safety of elderly


As we know, the bathroom is hazardous in the overall house. Using a slippery, inadequate bathroom is dangerous, especially for older people. Research shows that most older people get injured during bathing because of carelessness. It’s your responsibility to place high-quality elderly bathing solutions in the bathroom. Bathing is a part of daily routine, and […]

Top 8 Features to Look For in Tubs for Seniors

The Solares™ Spa Bathing System is a bathing solution offered by Apollo Bath

Falls are some of the biggest dangers facing the aging population, and around 80% of them happen in the bathroom. That’s predictable since there are so many slick and unstable surfaces in that space, not to mention the necessary movements of bathroom activities. Unfortunately, you can’t keep seniors out of the bathroom to try to […]

Elderly Bathing Solutions and Infection Control

elderly bathing solutions

The goal of any long-term care professional is to provide compassionate and safe senior care. We all know that the right tools and equipment are needed. There are many features that long-term care professionals consider when purchasing equipment, such as elderly bathing solutions.  In particular, elderly purchasing bathing solutions must be given careful and measured […]

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