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Walk-in tubs are advanced tubs with various benefits and features. These tubs are completely different from regular tubs. For elders or disabled people, walk-in bathtubs are best because these are integrated with safety features like safe and secure entry and provide comfort. Also comes in various options for the accessibility of the bathers.

This guide will discuss the features and the walk-in tub types that will help upgrade your bathroom and provide the safest alternative for elderly fall prevention.

Features of Walk-in Tub

Built-in seat

The ADA-compliant walk-in tub built-in seats offer a convenient and safe option to sit comfortably and bathe without standing tiredness or falling injuries.

People with knee pain and disabled enjoy bathing while sitting.

Low step-in height

You can enter these tubs without climbing on the big walls. It has a low entrance or step threshold, offering a safe or falling-free entry or exit option.

Handheld Shower-head

A handheld shower option is available to clean yourself like you want. These handheld showers allow personalized bathing as you can change the direction of the water where you want to clean.

Watertight door

Watertight doors are leak-proof to prevent water leakage or avoid spilling water outside the tub. Leak-proof doors protect you from slipping on the slippery bathroom surface when you get out of the tub after bathing.

Therapy Features


Hydrotherapy is a more beneficial therapy for seniors and disabled people. In this treatment, water gives a soothing massage to the body. The water jets are inserted in tubs that make pressure to provide a warm water massage that helps alleviate serious health conditions like arthritis, aches, cardiovascular diseases and muscle or joint pain.


Aromatherapy is a scented massage. The essential oil is used in this massage, and the air bubble water massage is given to the bather. This smooth water bubble massage gently releases all your stress while helping to relieve muscle pain, sore and swollen legs, and aches.

Types of walk-in tubs

Walk-in tubs with different features and benefits are used to provide a variety of options to the bathers to enjoy different styles of bathing. Each tub has its benefits and comes with integrated safety features.

Soaker tub

Soaker walk-in tubs are the basic types of tubs with built-in seats and have a low step threshold for easy entrance. In a soaker tub, your body is completely submerged in water for relaxing bathing. This tub provides only relaxation and bathing; therapies or air or water jet massage are not included.

Hydrotherapy tub

Hydrotherapy tubs are designed to provide a water massage and water therapy treatment at homes. This tub benefits people with health issues like muscle and joint pain, arthritis and other heart diseases. Apollo hydrotherapy tub also has a level Gliding chair system for non-lift bathing, and many modular options are available for comfortable bathing.

Aromatherapy tub

An aromatherapy tub is designed for some scented air massage. The air jets in these tubs make bubbles in the water. These air-water bubbles gently massage the body and help relax the tight and swollen muscles.

Wheelchair accessible tub

Wheelchair-accessible tubs have wide-opening doors for easy transfer from the wheelchair seat to the bathtub’s built-in seat. These tubs have low thresholds and Grab bars, which prevent disabled people from falling during the transfer process. Our ReGen walk-in tub is also wheelchair accessible with built-in safety features like low step-in, grab bars, wider seats, etc.

Bariatric tub

The bariatric tub is specially crafted for people weighing 300 pounds or more. These tubs have extra wide and large seats, and their doors are extra wide so the individual can easily enter or exit.

Chromotherapy tub

It is a gleaming type of tub that uses different colours of light in the tub to release stress, relax, and give peace of mind. The Chromotherapy tub has an LED light system that changes the colour of the water—each colour affects differently to improve the bather’s health. Seven-coloured LED lights are available at this tub to personalise your bathing experience.

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